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Network Infrastructure Security Is a Vital Part of Any Business. Here Is How an IT Company Can Help with This.

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While it is not a popular topic of discussion, the reality is that your business's network getting breached and everyone else's networks is a realistic scenario. Every company with an internal network is potentially at risk of having their data and their customer's private information stolen. One needs to look no further to find companies that have been victims of cybersecurity breaches. Famous examples of large-scale incidences include Sony, The Home Depot, Target, British Airways, and Equifax. These companies prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that no company is genuinely unbreachable.  

This talk of network-based crimes may seem like a grim, pessimistic reality; despite this, there is some good news. External IT companies, like House of I.T, are both proficient in and have countless years of experience working with companies to protect their network. There are several ways IT companies can assist your company in protecting it against those who may try to breach it. Here are some of the ways you can expect to be helped by House of I.T for your network security needs. 


Assisting and Educating Users On Best Practices 


A common phrase is that knowledge is power. While knowing specific information about what to do and not do regarding cybersecurity won't allow you to pick up giant boulders or move a mountain, having insight and a general idea of how to act in specific scenarios is something all employees can benefit from. 

Social engineering is not a new concept, but new technologies have broadened the number of opportunities and situations your employees may find themselves in. The following are a few of the things that end-user education can be given guidance on: 

  • Engraining employees to not give away their passwords to non-authorized users
  • How to recognize and report phishing attempts
  • Understanding how certain technologies and processes work, such as multifactor authentication and email spoofing
  • Setting strong passwords that are not easy to guess
  • Verifying specific individuals are authorized to access confidential areas and files.


A strong foundation in network security's best practices may not solve every problem that can happen in the realm of social engineering. Still, it is a great start and will drastically reduce the most direct of criminal attempts.


Installing and Implementing Security and Access Control Systems


While virtual attacks on companies are more common than ever before, most crimes still happen inside and near a business. There are several ways, both direct and indirect, in which malicious individuals can access your facilities and cause damage or steal your company's assets.

Having a security system installed inside your business is another excellent way to have a documented record of theft or damages in your industry. This will allow you to see who is coming in and out of your facility and what people are doing. If a report needs to be filed with the police or an insurance agency, your ability to reach a satisfactory conclusion will often be dependent on the recorded evidence you have.

External IT companies, like House of I.T, can help you install a security system, also known as a CCTV system, inside and around your business to help to monitor your business's surroundings on any device connected to the internet. 

Additionally, access control systems will help to keep would-be criminals out of some regions of your business. Using methods like biometric authentication and swipe cards, you can ensure that only those with authorized access will enter areas with restricted access.

On a psychological level, security cameras also indirectly promote ethical and professional behavior. If people think they are being recorded, they will inevitably act differently than if they know they are not on camera. Just as a sword in its sheath may also keep another sword sheathed, a camera that watches will keep potential criminals at bay.


Having an IT Audit Performed


An IT audit is a highly efficient method for learning about and recognizing any potential network security vulnerabilities present in your network. The short explanation of an IT audit is that it evaluates all the IT assets, processes, data, current effectiveness, security, and more. The primary goal of an IT audit is to identify any issues or inadequacies within an organization related to IT and determine how they can be fixed or improved upon. 

House of I.T recommends audits be performed on a relatively regular basis, as they reveal much about the operating environment of businesses. Whether that is to patch out security vulnerabilities on your server, determine if any of your employee's computers have spyware or other malicious software installed on them, determine if a privileged account or shared network drives can be accessed with no authentication, or anything else related to network security, an IT audit can reveal much about your business and its current level of potential exposure to hackers and ill-natured attackers.


In Conclusion: House of I.T Can Help Bolster Your Business's Network Security 


Securing your business's network will not be quick and easy, but it will be necessary to prevent unwanted attacks on your network.

At House of I.T, we have years of experience building and designing secure network infrastructures for companies like yourself. Beyond our knowledge of network security, we can help provide you with software licensing, data recovery, cloud solutions, hardware, and more.

If your business does not have a dedicated network security plan in place, you are leaving yourself open to potentially losing your business's operational viability. If you do not, we strongly recommend you not wait any longer than needed; feel free to reach out to us to set up a free consultation on what can be done for your company's network security.