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IT hardware encompasses the physical components that a technology infrastructure requires to function. From the laptop, and motherboard to the central processing unit, the circuit board, and other essentials, we install and manage all IT hardware for your business. House of I.T can connect you with dependable suppliers of IT hardware. More importantly, we can help with the regular maintenance required to keep hardware functioning correctly and disposal of outdated hardware.


House of I.T Designs, Implements and Manages IT Infrastructure. We satisfy our customers, employees, and shareholders' needs.

Business IT Hardware
That Keeps Your Network Moving Forward

Tech is changing the world and with every new advancement, certain hardware within IT networking systems becomes obsolete. Having your IT hardware remain consistently up-to-date helps keep your IT network and systems from experiencing downtimes and internal bottlenecks. With the proper internal IT architecture, your business can remain ready for future advancements in the technology industry. Is your business ready for the next big tech wave advancements?


One of your most relevant business assets is your computer hardware. To run a smooth service operation, you need the best hardware solutions that align with your Network Management, disaster recovery, Desktop Management, and server management. We have available at theHouse of I.T, Customized hardware infrastructure to cater to the specific needs of your business. Ranging from Modem, security cameras, routers to Wi-Fi systems, we recommend Varieties of hardware products manufactured using the latest, highly advanced technology. Our products are from leading brands like HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, IBM, FuJitsu, Intel, Ubiquiti Unifi, Hikvision, all of whom, as you are aware, do not compromise on quality.


The Motherboard

This is the main circuit board for the computer, containing both soldered, non removable components along with sockets or slots for components that can be removed. The motherboard contains the CPU, memory, optical drives, hard drives, etc.



The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the "brain" of the computer. It executes instructions obtainedfrom software and in turn, instructs other components on what to do.


Storage Unit

Every system needs storage unit hardware that is designed to hold information, temporarily or permanently. Hardware storage could be a primary storage device (RAM) or and a secondarystorage device (hard drive)


Video Surveillance Equipment

The system used for video surveillance is called a “closed-circuit television” system(CCTV)which allows you to observe an area remotely, without actually having to be there in person. A surveillance system consists of a camera, a monitor, and a wire running between them. We also have available at the House of IT, other state-of-the-art surveillance equipment depending on your IT requirements.


Power Supply Unit

A Power Supply Unit is an internal IT hardware component that supplies all other componentswith power by converting alternating current into direct current which is more usable by thecomputer. To power all the circuits in your computer, The PSU has to supply the exact or near-exact voltage at the required wattage


Purchasing new IT hardware is always a wise investment. However, It is important to consult experts before purchasing hardware. You need to consider your budget and specifications, cost,and benefits of the products before purchase.
You can expand your business to new markets with the latest IT hardware, e.g. through an onlineshop, download center, and so on. Let House of I.T set you up with the right ones.
With properly functioning IT hardware, you can communicate better with customers. Imagine aCentral Process Unit or Circuit board that goes off every time you provide services to customers.That is not a good look for your business
Studies show that employees are more motivated to work if they have conducive working equipment. In turn, boosting employee morale increases work productivity.
Without using compatible hardware, your software may refuse to run efficiently. On some occasions, it might not even run at all. To avoid a break in your work transmission, seek the input of professionals when purchasing new IT Hardware.

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