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House of IT provides IT CONSULTING Services in Philippines, focus on guiding organizations through the best methods of utilizing information technology and the best infrastructures for their business. We recommend the right technologies that help in achieving your business objectives. Strategic consulting helps you pick the latest technology that fits your enterprise and devise the best strategies for implementation.

The Essence of IT Consultancies

In the dynamic world of IT, consultancies play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between business objectives and technological solutions. But what exactly does it mean to consult in the IT realm? At its core, IT consulting, sometimes referred to as IT-consulting or i.t. consulting, revolves around advising businesses on how best to utilize information technology to meet their business objectives. From understanding the nuances of IT consultancy to the broader spectrum of IT consulting services, professionals in this domain, often known as IT consultants or i.t. consultants, provide invaluable insights and strategies tailored to an organization's unique needs.


GPON vs EPON: A Closer Look

In the realm of IT consulting, understanding the intricacies of various technologies is paramount. One such area of expertise is the difference between GPON and EPON. GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) and EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) are both standards for fiber optic networks, but they differ in terms of their development standards, bandwidth capacities, and applications. When comparing GPON vs EPON, or sometimes referred to as g-pon vs epon, it's essential to note that GPON is known for its high capacity and flexibility, especially when handling various traffic types. On the other hand, EPON aligns closely with Ethernet standards, making it a seamless fit for Ethernet-based networks. Furthermore, with the emergence of 10G GPON and 10G EPON, the landscape of passive optical networks continues to evolve, offering even higher speeds and capabilities.

The Role of Consulting Firms in the Philippines

The Philippines, with its rapidly growing IT sector, has seen a surge in the demand for IT consulting services. Consulting firms in the Philippines, including House of IT, have risen to the challenge, offering a range of services from basic IT consult to comprehensive IT consultancy solutions. These firms play a crucial role in helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of IT, ensuring that they leverage the best technologies and strategies to drive growth and innovation. Whether it's understanding the nuances of gpon vs fiber or diving deep into the world of telecom PON, consulting firms in the Philippines are at the forefront of IT innovation and expertise.



Being in IT for more than 15 years is a stamp of approval on its own. However, our experience and exposure in the field of technological advancement has given us the ability and the pleasure of working with companies worldwide. Every strategy and decision we make is made to create an IT environment perfect for your business. Our overall analysis of your system is tri-fold

  • Strategic business analysis

  • Advancement

  • Cohesive function between all your IT systems

IT Services
the backbone of a successful business

Did you know many companies lose money because they are using an IT system that isn’t designed for their business? Not only do you lose productivity, but you could also be losing across the board, ranging from customer relations to process efficiencies. Let us help you get the right network that supports your business growth instead of hindering it.

Our Core Values



Technology is not static. This is why we check up on our clients to ensure that their technological infrastructures are up-to-date and are strong enough to compete with their competitors at all times. We keep track of emerging technologies and implement them when best for your business.



Most of IT is identifying and then solving problems. We are proud of our ability to quickly identify and resolve any issues. Our IT engineers and consultants are trained to handle ever-varying issues.



We value integrity. We believe in doing what is best for your business and doing it ethically. House of IT is proud to be a partner you can trust.



The identity of our brand is centered around understanding and meeting customer needs. This is about doing what’s best for you and not for our pocketbook. Any questions complaints or concerns will be quickly resolved by our experts



We treat each company as if it were our own. House of IT handles the interaction between clients and consultants as always important.


Excellence and Quality

We demand perfection for ourselves and abhor any form of inaccuracy or error in the design, implementation, and management of IT infrastructures. Our infrastructures, both hardware, and software are of the highest quality than others in the market.



We prioritize strong and steady business relationships. You should always trust us to be consistent and to rely on our services.

IT Consulting that Drives
Business Results

IT consulting can be definitely be performed in-house. However, for efficiency, leave the IT-related stress to experts. Hiring the right IT consultants will not only save you time and money but will also boost the productivity of your business to help your business meet its operational objectives. In short IT consultants pay for themselves. Still not convinced? Check out these additional benefits:

Benefits of IT Consulting

A technical consulting team has the experience and knowledge you might not have access to with your IT staff. Over the years, our consultants have devised efficient methods of circumventing any IT issue. They are familiar with the hazards, pitfalls, and high-end strategies, so take advantage of professional IT advice today.
Outdated IT infrastructures can instantly cost companies their profits. To meet the demands of the modern audience, you need to implement the current technologies. This way you stay way ahead of your competitors. House of IT consulting services are available to help you stay relevant in your industry. Our experts will provide you with suggestions on how to improve your existing infrastructure.
IT consultants are tasked with maintaining scalable and secure IT infrastructure. Regularly maintaining and upgrading your enterprise system helps protect the network security of your enterprise. IT consultants help you refine your system and show you the loopholes that need to be filled to stay protected.
Save yourself from the hassle of constantly training staff members, purchasing equipment, and other things an IT consultant would take care of for you. Sit back and let House of IT handle the stress for you. With our strategic help, you get top-notch IT infrastructures at your fingertips.
As a modern enterprise using Information Technology, it is inevitable that problems occur. The important thing is to have a team that can creatively handle and prevents these disasters. You need a company that can implement disaster recovery strategies immediately.
Experienced IT consultants come to you with a well-structured plan. IT consultants bring a much-needed fresh perspective to the table, thus helping you complete a critical project that takes your business to the next level.
IT audits work to ensure that your assets and network are protected from cyberattacks. All it takes is a single data breach to cause the downfall of a successful company. An IT audit reviews all organization applications, systems, operations, management, data use, telecommunications, and other related IT infrastructures.

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