System disruptions and downtime are inevitable, but not when the IT Support proactively monitors and assists your hardware, software, and network reconfigurations and upgrades to keep everything running in an optimal manner. With our monitoring tools operating round-the-clock running on fiber optic connectivity and manned by IT professionals, we locate imminent threats and rectify them before they arise to problems and disruptions in your operations and IT network.

Are your IT risks and issues affecting your business productivity?

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We have earned the market’s trust because of our solution-driven approach to any problems arising within the IT core infrastructure. We continue to invest in the skills and certifications of our staff to guarantee that we extend only the excellent service and timely fix that best work with your business strategies. On top of that, we are powered by Fiber Optics, so we can give nothing but only the best service to our clients regardless of wherever side of the globe they are. Our IT Support are running online 24/7, ensuring that all IT issues are addressed swiftly and smoothly.

We don’t just take an IT-based method in our line of work. We understand the whole IT business and know what it takes to succeed in your business plans. Our experience in the technology industry has given us opportunities to aid clients worldwide. Whether you are expanding to a new market, struggling to develop the most fit system network, we are here to help you come up with the right solutions.

Our Core Services

  • Data Protection

    Data Protection

    We have storage technologies, comprehensive backup strategies and data management procedures to guarantee that tasks run on schedule and data is securely backed up and recoverable. We have all the components and policies in place to maintain data integrity. We help you protect sensitive data while achieving compliance objectives.

  • Network Disaster Recovery

    Network Disaster Recovery

    Man-made or natural disasters happen which could result to losing all important data or even a fraction of it. Countless of backup solutions are turning into problems, and when an outage occurs, this poses even a bigger problem. Many businesses could find their disaster recovery solution takes longer than expected, or that their data is not recoverable in a way they thought. With our backup solutions, you get to have that peace of mind. We’d put your business back up and running in no time. We see to it that you have the resilience to take in the impact of a disaster, at the same time, continue to work with little to zero downgrade in your business performance level.

  • Server Management

    Server Management

    Server set-up, monitoring, maintenance, security, and keeping up with upgrades for hardware and software optimization—you name it. When you get your team of IT professionals to look after your servers and keep up with the latest technology, you get to finally have the time to focus on running your business one hundred percent.

  • Break-fix


    Malfunctions and failures within the core infrastructure—minor or detrimental—directly affect an organization’s performance and the service to its clients. Don’t wait for the business to be compromised. Our tailored service delivered by highly skilled IT specialists perform break-fix maintenance in your IT infrastructure whenever needed.

  • System Integration

    System Integration

    Whether that’s building a customized architecture or integrating an application with new or existing hardware and software, we focus on the convergence of different component systems for it to deliver the overall functionality. We assess your business needs and the technical requirements to design an integrated plan for a well-executed integration process.

  • Projects


    Each necessary step to complete an installation project is conceptualized around your exact project requirements from the ground up. Our team of IT specialists got all the bases of each step covered as we go about with the project inspection, conceptualization and completion.

What IT Support can do:

  • Maximize information technology in achieving business objectives
  • Assess, manage, deploy and administer networks and systems
  • Integrate project planning, design, and support to have effective IT solutions
  • Achieve compliance objectives
  • Maintain data integrity
  • IT System Health Check

Why HOUSE OF IT is the partner of most businesses.

  • Quick respond time
  • Guaranteed effective IT solutions
  • Methodical evaluation, installation, and maintenance
  • Internationally acclaimed service
  • Thorough IT infrastructure design