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Software licenses provide holders with the right to use one or more copies of software without violating copyrights. A Software license is a legally binding document that provides guidelines on the use and distribution of software. Licensing agreements allow brands to defend their products and exercise control over its use. If you have ever tried software licensing then, you know how chaotic it can be. House of IT will help you find, license, and use the right licensed software.

Access To Highly Specialized
IT Professionals

Being in the technology industry for more than 15 years, our experience and exposure in the field of technological
advancement on a global scale has given us the right leverage to assist companies and businesses worldwide.
We weigh every strategy to coincide with your IT environment. We provide analysis on your overall system
infrastructure, and the result of our insights is three-fold: strategic business analysis, advancement, and a
cohesive function of all elements within your IT environment.

Leverage End-to-End Licensing
To Better Your Business

House of IT is your partner in security and innovation. Developing an end-to-end licensing architecture to attain business goals, while maintaining a seamless user experience, can be very complicated. Multiple departments from product management, operations, and sales all have needs that licensing needs to fulfill. To fully make the licensing work, our experts will evaluate your needs and then make recommendations on the best ways to fulfill them.

Software Licensing Key Features


A centralized Software License Policy

A centralized Software License Policy- This program allows for better management of the business software landscape. It provides the management team with the necessary data to make informed business decisions.


An infallible program

Every successful software license is birthed by a brilliant solution. This is the most important part of ending up with a successful licensing program. Companies need a program that is innovative and quickly adaptable to a new operational flow.


Dedicated Management

A well-defined license program has the potential to be very successful. You need a management team that is unique to this project. House of IT is a reliable partner versed in implementing software licensing programs and software license management.


Terms of the Agreement

Every fool-proof software license contains terms and conditions of purchase that protect the interest of both the vendor and the user. This agreement contains information about the fees for maintenance, support, and refunds.



Subscription-Based Licensing-Vendors can successfully license their software and include subscription features for increased productivity. Enticing features will get users to pay a usage fee allowing vendors to realize a profit.


How does Software Licensing help companies?

With licensed software, you buy the rights to use software without having to worry about illegally using intellectual property. We can recommend the best software solutions for all your services, networking, management, and other workstations. Defective software licensing programs can inefficient systems, customer dissatisfaction, and even reduced profits. Implementing a successful licensing solution will give you the necessary tools to maximize revenue, make operational procedures more efficient and provide a better customer experience. House of IT has worked alongside a considerable amount of software vendors and manufacturers over the years to produce many successful licensing programs.


Though the cost can be higher than open-source software, you are paying for a more customized product from a trustworthy source. With licensing the developer handles bug fixes, patches, and other solutions in case of any problems.
If you lack technical skills, licensed software can help. With the inclusion of user manuals and access to immediate customer support, you never have to worry.
Licensed software is usually pre-reviewed and validated by the developer before upload. Know that it is developed in a controlled environment by a reliable team.
With the limits placed on intellectual property access, companies can fall prey to penalties for indiscriminate use of the software. Using licensed software reduces the risk of being in breach of copyright.
A license agreement legally prevents users from trying to replicate the software or illegally selling it.