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GPON is the Next Generation Passive Optical Network

Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON) are one of the lowest-cost network infrastructures available on the market. It is a system that delivers connectivity to multiple premises through a single fiber. It uses 80% less copper and 60% less power than traditional networks. There is a higher transmission speed and reception of data through a single fiber, and a point-to-multipoint access mechanism will connect the optical fiber to your home or building. You can consolidate all multiple services into a single fiber network without the use of electrically powered equipment. As an IT network infrastructure, GPON has gained notoriety as one of the leading choices in today’s ever-changing technology applications.


When you’re in need of a network that is stronger, has faster signals, and is resistant to interference or damage, there is no question that Gigabit Passive Optical Networks are the option you need for your business.



How much online business is done every 30 seconds? That's 1.2 million dollars. Online business transactions are happening every tick of the clock. Personal information, discussions, and trade are on this abstract platform. And as the business industry advances in this digital world, the need for a faster internet connection is also increasing fast to cope with clients’ needs and demands. Don’t get your business left behind. Get on the highest speed, longest life and lower cost network infrastructure today.

Economically Grow Your Business
with GPON Services

With lower operation costs, ease of installation, and simplicity of use, it’s logical why more businesses are turning to GPON networking with reduced equipment, better uptime, and optimized network efficiency.

GPON Key Features



GPONs are the latest in Fiber Optic innovation. It is a well-built network that limits the need for electricity and cooling. Its basic design eliminates the need for multiple units and connections.


QoS Guarantee

The quality of service and full-service access is guaranteed with GPON. Its network can withstand ATM cells and GEM frames at the same time.


Environmental Impact

As an environmentally conscious business owner, GPON is right for you. Unlike many network infrastructures, GPON has minimal impact on the environment by saving energy and having lower maintenance needs.


Security Requirements

Due to the isolation of the signals within the optic fibers, GPONs are impossible to tap or hack because they exist within a cloud circuit.


Multi-point Advantage

GPON’s multi-point feature gives it a clear advantage over other ethernet connections


Save up revenues Increase client satisfaction rate

Efficiency in all internet-based apps Free up space

Benefits of GPON

Generally, GPON cables are cheaper than other copper-based LAN cables. Since GPON technology is a passive system, it uses less energy saving your business thousands in energy cost every year.
The speed, security, and stability of the GPON technology are incredible compared to its cost. Installing and maintaining it has minimal costs.
With 2.4Gbps downstream and 1.2Gbps upstream capacity, GPON boasts a higher bandwidth delivery. The network can handle traffic and still emit speed throughout the optical network.
The design specifications of GPON require less equipment than a centralized system. The fiber is a fraction of the size of traditional copper cables; hence, you use less space in running the cabling throughout your business.
Since it uses only a single fiber to split into many different signals, less equipment is required in the network. Also, no physical switches are needed; thus, it is simpler and quicker to construct. Less equipment means that the network is less prone to failure since it relies mostly on passive components.
GPON does not require intense training to install, learn, and maintain. It is easier to make changes with little or no technician support than an active Ethernet network.

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