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Conference Rooms

Conference rooms and business meetings are a staple of many businesses. With more and more employees working remotely today than ever before, new challenges for communication have arisen.
Ensuring that employees of all technical levels can remain productive in meetings where they are not physically present is challenging. Therefore, making sure employees can use virtual conferencing software like Teams effectively is critical to success.
Fortunately, we can make this easy for your business. We are experts at using Teams and have experience implementing technical solutions and providing end-user education for users to utilize it. We encourage you to speak with us to find out more about how we can assist your business.

How Can House of I.T. Help You
With Teams Meetings?

Running a business is challenging. Why spend more time than needed to coordinate large corporate meetings virtually? Microsoft’s Teams is a popular platform for virtual conferencing among companies. It is not easy to coordinate all the hardware and employee education needed to conduct meetings effortlessly.

House of I.T. can help you and your employees by providing the training and equipment needed to host and attend meetings over Teams effectively. Whether it is purchasing web cameras, updating your network infrastructure to ensure consistent audio-visual quality, or just answering a simple question, we are here to help you every step of the way.



Live Meetings

Need to quickly speak with one of our technicians to answer a question or provide assistance? No problem. We make it easy to jump onto a conference call and speak with one of us. Our team will help you set up everything for your business and provide relevant training on using Teas with your employees.


Help With Planning and Implementing Teams

Are you unsure about how to coordinate a Teams meeting between multiple employees or companies? Are you embarrassed at the possibility of something not working correctly during a critical moment of a meeting? We can help eliminate these scenarios, and others, while also making you feel confident virtually conferencing.


Network Evaluation

Being able to conference virtually over your webcam with incredible quality video and sound requires that your network is up to the task. Older, slower networks may have difficulties handling a large amount of network traffic needed to host virtual conferences. We can help your business determine what is required to optimize its network, such as installing GPON to improve overall network speeds.


Assistance With Hardware Needs

Making sure you have the right equipment is crucial to conducting meetings properly. After all, without a camera or microphone, a person will be unable to be seen or heard. We can help your team ensure that it has everything it needs to conduct meetings with no issues.

Core Conference Components

Without a capable network, your business will inevitably run into issues regarding its audio-visual quality while conferencing on Teams. We can assist in finding ways to optimize your network and install GPON to update and future-proof your network.
If a laptop does not have a camera built into it, a web camera will be required to be seen or heard by others. We can help ensure you have the right equipment and assist you and your employees' computers detect them during conference calls.
While many web cameras have built-in microphones, the quality may not be precise enough for some users, especially those in louder areas. Since Team allows users to select different audio input devices, using a separate microphone may help improve the audio quality. We can help determine if a separate microphone will be needed and help with purchasing and setting this up.
You are going to need a PC to conduct a virtual meeting, naturally. However, older hardware may struggle to keep up with the modern technological needs of the 21st century. We can help to provide the most cost-effective hardware needed to use Teams with no issues.