With the rise of crime and theft, you need to secure your space. IP video surveillance also called "CCTV Surveillance" gives a sense of security to your customers and employees alike. Strategically stationed high-quality cameras are installed to prevent danger and provide vital details when an accident occurs.

Why does your business need surveillance?

Instead of dealing with constant whodunits, easily solve the mystery by reviewing existing recordings. It promotes ethical and professional behavior among employees when they know they are being recorded. Likewise, Individuals who come to your place of business will be deterred from theft or other bad behavior. Ours highly experienced team of IT security professionals, allows us to design and implement a state-of-the-art video system surveillance specifically for you.



The Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) infrastructure is designed as an impenetrable coverage for your business with 24/7 remote online access and recordings of all events. CCTV works by a camera constantly transmitting images wirelessly or through a cable network depending on the type of system. With the internet, CCTV has evolved from someone watching TV 24/7 to internet-based networks capable of capturing and transmitting audio and video straight to your device.

Industry-leading Partners

Ubiquiti Unifi A prominent technology company that offers a wide range of wireless and wired devices that exceed industry standards. Easy-to-access cameras are simple to send to your devices or cloud-based storage. Everything you need to set up a working Best CCTV brand In Philippines infrastructure; modem, routers, wi-fi systems, and their industry applauded Unifi HD video cameras.This is our go-to brand for simple and scalable security cameras and video surveillance equipment

Hikvision Hikvision is one of the top-rated security cameras and video surveillance equipment manufacturers in the industry. They provide a more innovative technological infrastructure. Their cameras boast outstanding image quality, clear audio and video encoding, efficiency, and convenience with reduced storage costs. No matter your needs, their top-of-the-line video security products will surely provide what you need.

Always Watching. Always Improving

Be perfectly aware of what’s going on with your business, employees, and the customers you serve. We’ve installed hundreds of CCTV security systems to enhance our client’s ability to manage employees, observing customers, and keeping a record for “just in case,” moments.


When considering CCTV these are some very important characteristics to note when choosing the right security cameras and surveillance equipment for your business.



The simply comes down to whether you want your camera to be easily noticed or hidden from the visible eye.



Security cameras have both wired and wireless forms but we recommend going for a camera that requires as little wiring as possible.


Recording Time

If you will be recording on a 24-hour cycle, you should invest in cameras that can capture images during low-light and night hours. Cameras like this include built-in night vision or infrared lighting that provides the contrast needed in low-light locations.


Image quality

Cameras with high video resolution will give you clear image quality in your recordings.



If your camera will be exposed to the elements some cameras are more durable than others. If your IP camera will be fully exposed to these elements look for a waterproof rating.


Web access (IP cameras)

If you need remote access to your cameras, this function will enable you to view different areas of the building from your smartPhone or laptop computer.


The installation of CCTV prompts people to be on their best behavior. When it comes to safety at work, installing video surveillance and security cameras is a necessity for the protection of employees and customers.
Some think that installing CCTV shows that companies don’t trust employees, we hold a differing opinion. The availability of video surveillance reduces workplace fraud and fosters trust between the staff and the manager.
The presence of security cameras at your business assures customers that you care about their safety. This improves their perception of your business.
With a functioning security system, you can avoid unnecessary legal expenses that arise from a dishonest claim.
Employees do not slack off when they know they are under surveillance. You can revisit customer interactions as well to see where you can improve.