Block A Sender By Email Address In Outlook Mail

How To Block A Sender By Email Address In Outlook Mail



Have you ever had that friend or just someone you know that has your contact number or email, then keeps on sending nonsense messages and emails or spam? Yes, everyone has that someone. Like an itch that you can’t reach, it's a real pain in the neck. Having that kind of person in your circle makes you want to pluck them out and just throw them away into the abyss. In that way, you get your peaceful life back. How great would that be? Anyway, we’re talking about blocking a sender by their email address in Outlook Mail.

Having an Outlook mail is great, but it is not when you start receiving unwanted messages from a certain person or persons. So, what do you do when things like this start to happen? Clean up time! Clean up is the best option, whether organizing or deleting emails, getting rid of spam and the people that are sending them. With Outlook, it’s quite simple that you won’t be needing the services of an IT Support team. You have options like automatic filtering and sorting, tools located on the toolbar such as Sweep, Archive and Move to. Organizing your email using inbox rules is also available. You can now make a rule like automatically moving messages to other folders once received based on your certain criteria.

Prepared by House of I.T, below are helpful steps to block a sender in Outlook Mail:

Open a message from the sender you want to block.

The very first thing that you have to do when you want to block a sender by email address is to open a message from that sender. There is also another option if you wish not to open one. You can just also check it in the message list without opening the message. You can also block multiple senders in one go, by checking more than one message. It’s that easy.

Click Sweep in the toolbar.

The sweep function is the answer to the question at hand. It is used to quickly delete unwanted emails in your inbox and gives you the option to delete all incoming emails from that pesky person you want to get rid of. To be able to see where the Sweep function is, it’s just at the toolbar. Just click the top/horizontal blue toolbar that sometimes shows all tools such as the Sweep function that is available on new Outlook Mail versions. An important note for you though, the Sweep function isn’t available in Junk Email, Drafts, Sent Items, and Deleted Items folders.

Select delete all from the menu that appears.

It is self-explanatory, you should click Delete all from… from the menu that appears after clicking the Sweep function in the toolbar. Actually, you can use this step in another effective way. Over the sender’s name in the message list, hover the mouse cursor and wait for the context to appear. After that, click Delete all from… from it. Still so easy, right?

Make sure to check Also block future messages.

This basically means that to make sure that the future messages of the sender you blocked will never ever appear again in your inbox, you just have to check the Also block future messages option in Outlook. This will ensure you that the disturbing person you just blocked will never disturb your inbox again.

Block emails from multiple email addresses with Kutools for Outlook.

Another option to simplify your daily email communication is Kutools through Outlook. This can be used when you wish to block emails by multiple email addresses simultaneously, just use the Block senders feature to get it done easily. Select different emails you want to block then click kutools>junk>block senders.