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8 Reasons Why Cloud Solutions Are Wonderful for Employees Working from Home

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Employees working remotely outside of a central office is a trend that is seeing frequent growth every year. With every passing year, it is easier and more cost-effective for numerous forms of businesses to have their employees work outside of the office. This allows them to cut down on costs of purchasing internal hardware, allowing them more space inside the building, reducing the number of resources needed to maintain their presence, and more.

Despite this convenience, there are a variety of factors that can be a problem for remote workers. Issues such as losing data, not having access to certain resources, and more problems can arise from employees working from their home offices. Fortunately, cloud solutions provide the solution to many of the problems and struggles remote employees face. Here is a curated list of eight of the most common problems and the solutions that cloud solutions give to remote workers.


Your Data Is More Secure Than If It Were on a Single On-site server

One great thing about working in a cloud environment is the fact that your data can be connected to multiple servers in multiple locations. This helps with several things. Since there are multiple servers available, this ensures that data can be backed up across multiple servers. Combined with backups of your data frequently being performed, you can rest assured that there is virtually no chance of losing any important files.


Applications are Unified Between Employees

House of I.T can not only assist you with getting the right software you and your employees need but can also ensure that all employees all have access to the same and most recent version of the software. Not only will this guarantee that they are getting the best possible experience with the software, but it will also allow everyone to not encounter any incompatibilities opening data when sharing files with other co-workers.


It Can Be Access Anywhere Where There Is Stable Internet

Another benefit to using cloud solutions is that employees do not have to work in one specific location; if they have a strong internet connection, they can connect to it.

This can be extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons. If an employee needs to travel for any reason, the flexibility of cloud solutions can allow them to work virtually anywhere in the world. For this reason, cloud solutions are invaluable to employees that are frequently on the go.


Enhanced Network Security 

We here at House of I.T are very particular about network security and how our clients’ data is being handled. As cybercrimes are always a concern in the business world, we have taken precautions and have ensured that we are SOC2 compliant.

What this means for you is that our cloud services have the most effective possible internal network security procedures in place to ensure that your data is protected from outside influences. As your data is encrypted and remotely stored outside of your business, this will also provide additional security measures against would-be criminals.


Storage Space Will Never Be an Issue

Have you ever gotten a low disk space error message and had to delete files from your PC to get around this issue? This is an annoying problem, but it can quickly and easily be resolved by working on a cloud environment.

As hard disk space is scalable on cloud solutions, you and your employees will never need to encounter this problem. If you ever find yourself running out of hard drive space, we at House of I.T can assist you by providing more space.


You Can Save On Equipment (And Get Better Performance)

Cloud services use remote resources, so it will not be directly using your device’s processing power. This means that the hardware it is running will likely be more powerful than the device you or your employees are using. 

By using an inexpensive laptop with a solid internet connection, you can potentially get the processing power and speeds of a borderline supercomputer. The costs of using cloud services between you and your employees will allow everyone access to the resources of more powerful hardware at only a percentage of the price.


Operating System Updates Are Automatically Pushed Out

Another way to ensure that employees have parity between them is to ensure that they are all using the latest version of Windows. Being out of date on one’s operating system can potentially lead to security and applications problems. Microsoft frequently pushes out patches for issues such as these.

House of I.T can automatically update your operating system after hours for you and your employees, allowing everyone to be on the latest version as each other.


Increased Ability to Internally Collaborate (Even While Working Remotely)

While software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have allowed employees to speak with each other from anywhere in the world, it is limited to only specific functions. Applications like these are limited in providing direct access to specific large files and folders.

Working in a cloud environment can resolve many of these issues. Using shared drives on from your business’s internal network, employees can remotely access files and data in one centralized location. One employee can open and edit a file and, once they are done, another can directly access the same file and further edit the file. Cloud solutions allow for both easy and effective ways to collaborate.


House of I.T Can Help You with Your Cloud Needs

Cloud solutions are versatile and extremely beneficial to employees working outside of a centralized office. However, setting up the needed cloud solutions to do so will be extremely expensive and not practical to do internally inside a business.

Fortunately, House of I.T specializes in designing and deploying cost-effective cloud solutions for you and your employees. If you are interested in designing and implementing cloud solutions into your business, we encourage you to contact us. We hope to hear from you soon!