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6 Ways An IT Support Company Can Design And Support Your Business’s Network Infrastructure

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Today’s world of business is more interconnected than ever before. Not having a robust, adequate, and cost-effective internet connection can be deadly for growing your business, maintaining a satisfied client base, keeping your employees productive, and more.

Stated another way: having a dependable network that works quickly, efficiently, and is not costing your business a large sum of money is critical for businesses. Even a short period of slowdown or downtime can have significant repercussions on a business’s profit and productivity.

Fortunately, an IT support company, such as House of I.T, can significantly help your business’s network be the most effective it can be, both in terms of speed and cost. While there are many ways they can assist you, here are six of the most common ways an IT company can help you out.


Assistance Designing and Upgrading to both a Faster and Cheaper Network, Such as GPON

Traditional copper wire networks have worked well enough in the past. However, with networks evolving and becoming more complicated over the years, many businesses are (or will soon be) at a significant disadvantage in increasing the speed and efficiency at which they work. Additionally, copper wire networks are costly to implement, repair, and upgrade.

While waiting a little bit of time here and there for information to load or transmit may not seem like a significant issue in the short run, consider the amount of time and number of moments each employee needs to wait. This results in countless amount of hours and dollars lost.

Fortunately, fiber optic networks such as GPON have rapid data transmission speeds and can hold a much larger data bandwidth than traditional copper wire networks. 

Additionally, GPON is extremely inexpensive to install in comparison to a traditional copper wire system. Making additions and modifications to a GPON will not only be more affordable in both the short and long-term, but it will also be quicker in general. 

If you have not considered it prior, we highly encourage you to consider speaking to an IT support company about upgrading your network. The benefits you get from the cost you pay are more than worth it!


Improve Network Uptime and Decrease Downtime


Being down for even as little as an hour can have dramatic consequences on a business’s earnings. In addition to losing money, not correctly service your customers’ needs can cause frustrations on their part, possibly leading to missed business opportunities.

Fortunately, IT support companies can help mitigate much of this frustration. A support company can help in two main ways: identifying in advance if there are changes in your business’s network and assisting you with getting back online as soon as possible.

Some degree of downtime is bound to happen, specifically when they are power outages or issues on the internet service provider’s end. An IT support company can provide help in both situations, whether it involves diagnosing the problem or reaching out to whoever is involved.


Identify Issues With Your Network to Reduce Bottlenecking


A network bottleneck is frustrating. While your network may still be online, the extreme slowness of it may not be much better. Fortunately, IT support companies can assist with identifying these issues.

By utilizing an IT company to identify these issues in advance, you can mitigate a large portion of potential slowdowns and performance issues with your network. This will allow you to remain productive and work without any problems getting in your way.


Maximize Speeds and Increase Performance

On the other end of the spectrum, optimizing the speed and efficiency of your network is also essential. Making sure your network is not crawling to a halt is extremely important, yes, but also making sure that you are maximizing your network’s potential is also valuable.

An IT support company will identify ways to improve your network architecture and network design, allowing you to optimize your network. Doing so will improve your network speed and allow you and your employees to work effectively without any issues.


Automating and Pushing Out Updates To End-user PCs

Ensuring there is parity between each employee’s PC is vital to ensuring that everyone can avoid any problems related to operating systems and applications. Spending time updating operating systems and pushing out application updates can result in lost time and productivity.

Fortunately, this can be automated and scheduled by working with an IT support company. Support companies can work with you to create a period where end-user devices are updated overnight, resulting in a unified and organized workplace for all employees.


Future-proofing Your Network 


As the world becomes more and more complicated, businesses will require more and more technology to remain relevant and support their customer's needs. While today's technology is sustainable at this moment, it is almost a certainty that it will not be in the not-so-distant future.

Right now, fiber optic networks like GPON are the best types of networks available to the general public, as they are both extremely fast and very affordable. Not only will an IT support company be able to assist you in upgrading your network, but they will also be able to help you improve upon it and scale it as the years go on.

While the future may bring about unknown changes that may be difficult to adapt to, rest assured that IT companies like House of I.T will be there to assist you along the way in making sure you and your network are the best you can be.


Final Words and Thoughts

Your network is more than just a business investment: it also represents the productivity of your employees and the profits they produce. A speedy network with minimal downtime will allow you to consistently generate revenue for yourself and everyone else at the company.

The benefits of working with an IT support company to design and support your business’s network are incredibly apparent. While this may seem like a daunting task in initiating this process, you can be at ease knowing that this is not the case.

At House of I.T, we take great pride in optimizing businesses like yours. We enjoy seeing the results of our labor and love to see companies grow and scale over time. 

If you are ready to get started on maximizing your business’s network infrastructure, we would love to speak with you about how we can help!