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How An IT Management Company Can Help You Improve Your Business’s Network Architecture

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Most effective businesses need more than great employees and a sizable market: they also need powerful technology. The right technology will allow employees to quickly and effectively communicate, send audio-visual information over the internet, save their data over a cloud network, and more.

This is where having solid network architecture can be a tremendous asset for your business. With the best network architecture, you will never have to worry about slowdowns on your network, employees complaining that they cannot stream videos, having far fewer instances of network outages, and many more headache-inducing problems.

This is where IT companies like House of I.T come into play. House of I.T can assist your business in reaching its maximum potential regarding the effectiveness of its network, while also providing IT management services. Continue reading to get a better idea of what network architecture is and a few specific examples of what can be done to optimize your network.


What is Network Architecture and What is Included?


According to leading networking brand Cisco, “Network architecture refers to the way network devices and services are structured to serve the connectivity needs of client devices.” For example, network devices like switches and routers will communicate with an employee’s work PC to perform load balancing, ultimately improving overall transmission speed and not causing a network bottleneck. 

How network architecture is structured will be different depending on the size of the organization and its needs. To illustrate this, a large college campus or hospital will require a significantly different setup than a small business or coffee shop. 

To ensure that your organization is set up correctly, it is wise to have an expert organization, such as House of I.T, look at your current architecture and determine what changes can be made to optimize your current setup.


What Are Ways an IT Company Can Improve Your Network Architecture?


An IT company like House of I.T can do more than just let you know what can be done to improve your network architecture; they can also directly assist you in making changes. Here are just a few of the things which they can do for you.


Installing a Fiber Optic Network, Such as a GPON


When it comes to being extremely fast and cost-effective, nothing is better than fiber-optic networks. Compared to traditional copper wire networks, fiber optic networks obliterate them in every factor except cost.

Gigabit passive optical networks, also known as GPON, are highly cost-effective to install, maintain, and change over time. Because of their extreme speeds that transmit information via light, they effectively are extremely future-proofed, and you will never need to worry about slow speeds on your network.

If your business’s network has been struggling, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us to consult on installing fiber optic cabling for your business.


Performing an IT Audit to Determine What Can Be Changed or Optimized


An IT audit is an excellent way to gather information to determine what is going on with its network. The purpose of an IT audit is to evaluate a business’s IT assets, processes, data, current effectiveness, security, and more. 

Upon evaluating, an IT company like House of I.T will identify any issues or inadequacies related to IT and determine how they can be fixed or improved upon.

Four general steps will be performed in an IT audit: planning, studying, testing and evaluating, and reporting. Once these steps have been taken, any issues regarding a company’s network architecture, in addition to numerous other IT-related topics, will come to the surface, and changes can then be implemented.

House of I.T can also help your business with an IT audit. We encourage it highly, as the reasonable cost can lead to potentially enormous benefits for your business.


Installing New Network Equipment


If your network has issues, it may not necessarily be due to a fractured cable or an underperforming internet service plan. Installing new networking hardware, such as a network switch or router, can make a sizable difference. 

Having up-to-date networking equipment can help your network perform better and distribute network traffic more efficiently. Additionally, implementing enterprise-grade Wi-Fi may be what your organization needs if the bulk of your devices are wireless.

Once again, House of I.T can assist you in purchasing and implementing this hardware. If you think your hardware is not up to speed, we can let you know for sure.




Network design and maintenance are tricky. With the sheer amount of information and processes involved in the grand scheme of it all, in addition to maintaining a business, most upper management will not be able to optimize their network to make it the best it can be.

Thank goodness specialized companies like House of I.T exist! At House of I.T, we are experts at implementing network hardware, installing network cabling, performing an audit on your network, and more.

If you feel that improvements can be made to your business’s network, it would be wise of you to consider contacting us to see what we can do to assist you. Our experts have years of experience and can help provide your business with the resources needed to maximize its productivity and profitability!