Fingerprint Biometrics Changed Security

How Fingerprint Biometrics Changed Business Security

Fingerprint biometrics used to be the realm of science fiction, but have developed into one of the world's most advanced access control methods for business security.

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Security Prevention Isnt Enough

Why Security Prevention Alone Is Not Enough

Preventive security measures are important but not enough to keep up with the growing threats to network security. More robust security measures are vital to protect data.

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Top 4 Mobile Security Threats

4 Mobile Security Threats Companies Must Look Out For

Mobile devices have grown to become the most common form of internet use, but cybersecurity threats to mobile devices have also increased, necessitating stronger security.

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BYOD Security Risks

Understanding IT Security And BYOD Policies

BYOD policies have benefits and drawbacks that you should carefully weigh before implementing such policies in your business. Consider the security risks before using BYOD.

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Understanding SaaS

Understanding Software As A Service

Traditional software models have evolved into software as a service, and understanding what SaaS has to offer for your business is vital in the digital business world.

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Optimizing Your SaaS Support

Part II: Optimizing Your Company’s SaaS Support

Software as a service business models have become prevalent, changing how IT services work across the globe. Your business can benefit from SaaS options.

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Access Control Made Simple

Access Control Systems Made Simple

Access control systems, at their basic level, control the passage of individuals in and out of business premises. Understanding access control systems is vital to security.

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How Biometrics Changed Everything

How Biometrics Shaped The Business World Today

Biometric security and attendance systems have changed the face of modern business. Advanced biometrics provide greater security and more reliable data for business owners.

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Level Up Your Access Control System

How To Level Up Your Access Control System

Security is important to business health and growth. Biometric access control systems are an invaluable tool in upgrading security, protecting against human error and data theft.

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Defending Against Access Control Attacks

Common Access Control Attacks And How To Fend Them Off

With cyberattacks and data theft becoming more prevalent and difficult to defend, access control security measures require equally advanced approaches.

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11 Access Control Trends

11 Access Control Trends For 2019

Access control systems have evolved significantly over the years. In 2019, new access control options are offering a wider range of ways to secure your vital business data.

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Choosing the Right Access Control

A Businessman’s Guide To Choosing The Right Access Control System

Access control is vital to your business data security. Modernized access control systems offer a range of options that can help provide your business better security.

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