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Use Managed IT to Solve These Common Problems

managed IT company

Working with a managed IT company can be a major game-changer for businesses. Instead of hiring an in-house employee, a business working with a managed IT company can expect a larger range of employees for a more affordable cost.

When utilized properly, a managed IT company, such as House of I.T, can be used to streamline business productivity, reduce expenses, help with technical issues and questions, and much more. Read on for a few common problems that managed IT can assist with.


You Need to Figure Out What Equipment and Processes Can Be Changed

Having something you don’t need or use can reduce the amount of space and money you are using. Additionally, processes that are not being utilized correctly can have a negative impact on your business.

Managed IT can help you perform an IT audit. The short explanation of an IT audit is that it evaluates all the IT assets, processes, data, current effectiveness, security, and more.

The primary goal of an IT audit is to identify any issues or inadequacies within an organization related to IT and determine how they can be fixed or improved upon.

IT audits evaluate all aspects of IT and will involve looking at an organization’s entire IT infrastructure to determine what can be done to improve all operation factors.


You Are Having Slow Internet Issues

An IT audit, as explained above, can reveal a lot about your assets, including your networking equipment. One thing that many IT experts often recommend is an update to a fiber-optic network, such as GPON.

There are many advantages to implementing GPON. Here are four of the most common reasons businesses implement GPON.

  1. GPON has faster speeds than any other cabling system. This is probably going to be the first thing people look for in a network. Fortunately, GPON delivers on that front. Traditional copper wiring can only go up to roughly 100 megabits per second (Mbps). This is fine for the average household, but most businesses with many employees will encounter issues using copper wiring in today's business world. GPON, however, demolishes it in terms of speed. On average, GPON transmission download speeds range from 1.25 gigabits per second (Gbps) to around 2.5Gbps. At its slowest, GPON will still be at least ten times faster than traditional cable wiring.
  2. GPON cables are cheaper to purchase and take up less space on average, meaning building a GPON network is more inexpensive in both the short and long run. GPON cabling is cheaper than copper cables, often up to 50% cheaper to buy and implement. Additionally, since fiber optic cables are smaller than copper cables, the amount of dedicated space needed to maintain an internal network properly will be lower.
  3. GPON can transmit data over a longer distance than any other type of cabling. Traditional copper cabling, for example, is limited to roughly 100 meters before the signal terminates. GPON, in comparison, can go up to 20 kilometers before termination. In other words, GPON is up to 1000 times more effective than copper cables.
  4. A GPON network is more resistant to interference than a traditional copper wire network. Since standard cables are made out of copper, they have the potential to produce an electromagnetic current that can impact your network's efficiency. The fiber optic cables in a GPON network, on the other hand, are immune to this electromagnetic interference, meaning that you will not experience this issue. Additionally, fiber optic cables are resistant to extreme heat and catching on fire, making them safer and not a potential fire hazard.


You Need to Fix Security Issues

Security vulnerabilities can potentially ruin a business if both left unresolved and exploited. Vulnerabilities can come in the form of physical and network-based, both of which a managed IT company can help correct for you.

Regarding network security, a managed IT company can help to both evaluate your current network and both provide and implement fixes to it. This may be as simple as enforcing a secure password policy or as in-depth as performing an entire network security audit.

As far as physical protection goes, implementing access control systems in your business may be just what you need to keep would-be criminals out of your business. This could involve implementing swipe cards to restrict access, or going the extra mile and enforcing biometric controls (such as scanning a fingerprint).

In addition to physical keys and scans, a closed-circuit television is a great way to monitor and review areas of your business, both in real-time and from an archive. This is an excellent way to watch for accidents and thefts, review footage from a specific period, and more.


Your Employees Need to Work Remote

One wonderful thing about working with managed IT is that they can help out your employees who may need to work remotely. Here are some details regarding cloud solutions.

When working in a cloud environment, your data can be connected to multiple servers in multiple locations. This helps with several things. Since there are multiple servers available, this ensures that data can be backed up across multiple servers. Combined with backups of your data frequently being performed, you can rest assured that there is virtually no chance of losing any important files.

More importantly, however, is the fact that it can be accessed virtually anywhere; if they have a strong internet connection, employees can connect to it. This can be extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons. If an employee needs to travel for any reason, the flexibility of cloud solutions can allow them to work virtually anywhere in the world. For this reason, cloud solutions are invaluable to employees that are frequently on the go.

Final Words

House of I.T specializes in designing and deploying cost-effective solutions for common problems you and your employees are facing.

If you are interested in any of the concepts discussed above, we encourage you to contact us. We hope to hear from you soon!