Things To Consider Before Cloud Migration

Things To Consider Before Cloud Migration



You probably may have seen an excessive amount of buzz concerning cloud computing. And, at this point, have made up your mind to adopt this technology.  Based on what we’ve seen, the cloud, in terms of benefits, is totally packed with plusses. However, there are things you need to consider before taking the pill.

Performing intensive analysis can arm you with plenty of data. However, you need to understand that the cloud is just another tool, a means and not an end. Here are some things you need to consider before converting to the cloud.

Start With Strategizing

Research and check all the problems that you would like to solve using cloud migration. Also, check how satisfied you’ll be with the outcome before you start any migration.

Get Help From IT

While embracing the cloud, you will need help from seasoned IT people to make sure that you have everything done right. Don’t make the common mistake made by noobs that since they will not need any hardware installation or know how to use simple applications, that they can handle everything alone.

Go for Reliable Cloud Service Providers Like Microsoft Office 365

Try asking people who already did it before you about their experience with their providers. Get as much recommendations as you can gather, then make your choice. Simple queries like, “Is it easy to get solutions to your concerns?” go a long way. You may also check the Microsoft Trust Center to see how their cloud computing services comply with internationally sanctioned security regulations.

Get Some Training and Make Sure Your Staff Are Trained as Well

Cloud computing is meant to make things convenient and efficient. But, it might just get things more complex as you move forward. It might have an unexpectedly long learning curve for users if they are left to learn by themselves. Each one of your team needs some lessons to fully be acquainted with it, to arm them with knowledge on how to be immersed in the cloud.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Public and Personal Clouds at the Same Time

Don’t be scared to simultaneously use public and private clouds. Just be sure you are fully aware of the security/data hazards connected with public cloud storage. Hence, you will learn how and what to use in private cloud. Try using both for a start. You should never have to be scared about gauging the capabilities of public cloud. They offer lots of potential usability – more than you could even think of. Sometimes, public cloud is all you need if your business is just starting out.

Check Out the Costs First Before You Migrate

You should always check how much money you need to shell out on your current working plan. Before deciding to migrate into the cloud, you need to know the precise nitty-gritty on your expenditures. At times it may look a bit too pricey on paper; but, in the case of security breaches and untoward incidents, you may actually find that private cloud storage can help you save more in the long run.