Filipinos Spend The Most Time Online In Southeast Asia

The Cloud: Filipinos Spend The Most Time Online In Southeast Asia



So you’ve finally decided to make it big by starting your own company. However, like most new businesses, you probably won’t be venturing into uncharted territories. While you dream of tapping a chunk of an existing market by trying to do things in a different approach, there are still barriers you need to open. So how do you break the locks created by the competition? Let’s see how the cloud can help you.

The Cloud Makes It Easier to Jump Startup Hurdles

The biggest challenge most startups have in common is budget restraints; so, cash flow is the top priority. If you’re able to successfully overcome it, costs have to be at the minimum. So one of the things you should not do is to blow your budget on an expensive IT infrastructure – unless, of course, that’s where your edge is. For most startups, that is not the case.

Another obstacle commonly experienced by startups is business expansion. Small companies grow fast, and this means that any infrastructure needed for operations – from office space to supplies – can impede a company’s growth.

However, this is not where you should set your sights. It’s still your goods, services, and customers that matter.

Cloud Computing Is Ideal for Start-Ups

This is the area where Microsoft Office 365 migration enters the big scenario. In order to compete with bigger businesses that have already made their marks in the market and spent large on infrastructure, the cloud allows you to perform without having a pricey infrastructure.

Through cloud computing, you gain access to your documents from anywhere – even at home – so you can work on processes crucial to your startup even if you’re on the go.

Get to Access Your Data – Anytime, Anywhere

Aside from being extremely accessible, current cloud infrastructures are very reliable as compared to the cheap infrastructure that new businesses can buy with their budget. Aside from having less to zero system failure, you can also store your data locally, whether be it on your laptop or mobile device. You can rest easy knowing that your data is safe and accessible.

Aside from having accessible data without having to pay steep hardware costs, you can also encrypt it so only authorized persons can access it.

However, there are a few cons to cloud computing, such as legislation that only lets you access your data in the country where you are running your biz. However, there’s no need to worry since major cloud providers allow you to go around these rules. You should also know that in areas where DSL internet connection is poor, uploading and downloading a huge amount of data can be a long and dragging process.

So what’s holding you back from joining the cloud?

Since we are talking about low costs, reliability, flexibility, and safety – all key attributes for both the startup and the required infrastructure – Microsoft Office 365 can help you to achieve these and more. Thus, it will help you succeed where you might have been burdened in the past.