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Products And Services Aimed At IT Professionals

Products And Services Aimed At IT Professionals Launched



Last Feb. 17, the event “Taking Tech to the Next Level” was held at the WSI corporate office in Makati City. The event featured House of I.T who discussed some of the products, services, technologies, and other 2017 IT trends.

Mobile Phone Technology

One of the technologies featured during the event is OpenScape Mobility, an app for seamless unified communication (UC).

According to Benjamin Flores, WSI’s senior pre-sales engineer, OpenScape Mobility works by letting a caller, who tries to contact someone through his office phone number at a time when the latter is outside, reach the person he is calling via his mobile number, provided the latter has Internet access, with OpenScape Mobility.

A unique feature of OpenScape Mobility is Call Swipe. This enables the user to switch from his mobile phone to his desk phone, when necessary, by simply swiping the screen to transfer the call to his desk phone.

With its integrated VoIP, UC, and video functionality on a single client, the app also offers instant messaging, Web collaboration, and video call services. Additional call control features are also available, such as Toggle, consultation, and three-party conference.

Data and Security

Gemalto enterprise and cyber security’s regional sales director Alex Tay unveiled Gemalto’s three-step approach via its SafeNet Identity and Data Protection portfolio, as part of their data and security showcase.

These are: Data Encryption, which protects an enterprise’s sensitive data wherever it is located and when it is transmitted; Crypto Management, which secures cryptographic keys; and Identity and Access Management, which enables secure access to online resources and protects digital interactions with top-of-the-line authentication and digital signing solutions.

The above features enable organizations to achieve compliance with data privacy regulations and ensure that sensitive corporate assets, customer information, and digital transactions are safe.

The Cloud

“Microsoft spends over a billion dollars in security R&D every year,” stated Herns Hermida, cloud and enterprise business group lead for Microsoft Philippines. “Our billion dollars are spent on something called Cyber Defense Operations Center. We have one in Singapore.”

The center operates to protect Microsoft Office 365 customers as well as Microsoft itself, against increasing security threats.

Rounding up the center’s other components are Cyber Security Services Engineering, Information Security and Risk Management, Microsoft Security Response Center, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center, Windows and Devices Group, and Microsoft’s security platforms – Office 365, Windows Azure, and Windows 10 Enterprise.

These platforms have features for advanced threat and information protection, anti-spam, anti-malware, message encryption, advanced security management, data loss prevention, backup and disaster recovery, analytics and monitoring, cloud app security, among other great features.

Microsoft also created a separate group called Enterprise Cybersecurity Group, which helps customers who want to know their security stature, detect their flaws, and respond to immediate threats such as a hacking attempt.

“The security landscape has changed,” Hermida said. “No longer is the network your perimeter for security. It is your identity. The perimeter now becomes your identity. You have to prove you are who you are.”