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Outsourced IT Consulting Can Help Your Business With These 8 Things

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In today's corporate environment, the need for technology is more significant than ever before. However, as our demand for technology grows, the complexity of our systems and how they work becomes more and more complicated. As a result, it is hard for most businesses to stay on top of the latest industry trends, best practices, and legal obligations. 

While hiring an in-house technical specialist is always an option, there are many reasons why having an outsourced team of I.T. consultants, such as House of I.T, to assist your business is the better, more cost-effective solution. While there are countless reasons why outsourcing your I.T. is a smart more, here are eight of the most beneficial reasons to do so. 


Performing Network Evaluations 

Have any of your employees ever told you that your business's internet is slow? This is a common occurrence for many companies and is virtually always something that an outsourced I.T. company, like House of I.T, can help you with. 

House of I.T can assist with evaluating your network to let you know how effective it is, what can be done to optimize it, and assist with implementing more effective cabling (see section 4 below). Since outsourced I.T. companies have many employees, they can also ensure that evaluations and implementations are performed faster than if an individual were to do so. 


Evaluating Network Security 

Threats of phishing, hackers breaching your network, data leaks, and other forms of social engineering are real dangers that can occur when you least expect them. Wherever there is money to be made, you can be assured that malicious individuals and groups will try to capitalize on the opportunity, regardless of a business's size. 

Having an outsourced I.T. company assist with network security will help provide a wide range of personalities and specialties and help provide an unbiased look at how your network operates. Outsourced I.T. employees will always be able to look at your network and tell you what can be done to improve security vulnerabilities. 


Performing I.T. Audits 

Getting an I.T. audit performed is a smart way to understand how your entire system works. I.T. audits review all organization applications, systems, operations, management, data use, telecommunications, and other related I.T. infrastructures. 

The benefit of having an outsourced I.T. company, like House of I.T, review your business’s equipment is that outsourced I.T. consultants are less biased about a business's inner workings. As a result, they are more likely not to overlook specific security and procedures that could jeopardize the safety of your company's network. 


GPON Installation 

One of the most state-of-the-art network technologies available is GPON. GPON is a low-cost fiber-optic network that brings with it significantly faster network speeds than traditional copper wire network cabling does. As it also takes up less space and requires less maintenance, GPON is a great cost-effective solution for futureproofing your business's network. 

An outsourced I.T. company can help you determine the most economical solution for implementing a GPON into your business. House of I.T specializes in GPON installation, so you can be assured that we will make this process extremely quick and without frustration. 


Implementing Access Control Solutions 

One of the most effective ways of ensuring your business's security is by ensuring that only specific individuals have access to restricted areas and files. This can be done in a variety of ways through authentication methods known as access control systems

Among the most effective methods of doing so is through biometric authentication. Using a body part (usually a fingerprint verification is the most common), verified personnel will be the only ones who can access certain areas. 

Additionally, solutions like swipe cards also effectively limit users' access while allowing upper management to monitor who access certain areas.


Providing Cloud solutions

There are several benefits to working in a digital environment. By simply using your internet, you can optimize the processing power of your workplace by utilizing cloud solutions, such as a virtual desktop.

Not only will working on a virtual desktop not require you to purchase additional hardware, but it provides enhanced security. Additionally, since all your data is stored and backed up remotely, you do not have to worry about your local hardware breaking and losing your data.


Installing Security Systems

While much of today’s crime occurs over the digital landscape of the internet, most crimes still happen in the real world. The ability to track who is coming into your building, leaving it, and what people are doing in your building is a vital tool to preventing crimes (or at least knowing who committed them). House of I.T can help you to install a security system, also known as a CCTV system.

 Strategically placed cameras will also have the added benefit of proactively helping to promote ethical and professional behavior. If an employee knows (or at least thinks) they are on camera, they are more likely to act differently than if they know they are not on camera.


Providing and Installing Other Hardware

Beyond just network and security systems, other forms of I.T. hardware can be purchased and installed into your business’s system by an outsourced I.T. company. This includes entire computers, individual components of a P.C., phone systems, and more. 

By having a professional team of outsourced I.T. professionals, you and your employees can rest assured that their equipment will work and function as they expect it to. This will help you and them to perform work better, communicate with customers, and ensure that business runs smoothly. Outsourced I.T. companies will also be able to help answer any questions regarding I.T. hardware.