Microsoft Office 365 Vs. G Suite

Microsoft Office 365 Vs. G Suite: A Heads Up Battle




To be honest, it’s very challenging to choose between the two IT powerhouse companies. However, the decision falls on what services you need and what type of business you’re involved with. Other deciding factors include price, features, and ease of use, which make it all the more challenging since both companies offer superior services. To help you in choosing, here’s a quick glance at the office suites that we think are best for new businesses.

Both of them are full of epic features. G Suite has a wide range of apps and the most popular are: Slides for presentations, Sheets for your spreadsheets, Docs for Word files, and Drive, its storage platform. It also works well with third-party apps, which you can get from the Google Web Store.

On the other side of the spectrum, Microsoft Office 365 is also armed with a range of popular and well-loved tools. This includes MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, and, for your cloud storage needs, One Drive. It also comes with Skype for chat and the collaboration tool Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite are both equipped with awesome features that may not appear in the article. However, here are some of the basic features that the majority of suites for business users will look for.

Round 1: Word and Doc Processing

Microsoft’s famous Microsoft Word is full of power-packed features that let you do a wide range of things that Google Docs will probably fail at. But, for some, a lot of the features offered by Microsoft are not needed and will just go unnoticed by the ordinary user. Sometimes, users may feel that MS Word is quite complicated and bombarded by features.

Round 2: Let’s Compare Spreadsheets

Microsoft’s Excel is way better than what Google has now, especially when it comes to spreadsheet tools. Excel is designed for complicated number juggling and huge data imports.

However, I’m not saying that Google Sheet is something we should just ignore. While Sheets won’t be able to carry the large amount of data that Microsoft can, it still gives you really cool functionality if you’re just doing non-complex numbers.

Round 3: Collaboration Tools Comparison

Microsoft Teams is a virtual workplace in the form of chat that lets you create groups, chat with teammates, and send files. Teams will notify you every time someone mentions your name in a channel or chat. A red flag also appears beside the chat where you were mentioned.

On the competitor’s side, Google Hangouts bring you capabilities like instant messaging, group chats, and sharing screens. But, like most comparisons between Google and Microsoft, the former’s simple approach to things means that Google Hangouts is missing out on some of the cool stuff that Microsoft brings us.

For new businesses still getting the hang of things and needing something easy to use, Google is your best bet. It’s an easy, no-nonsense approach that is ideal for small businesses and start-ups. However, we will always be more familiar with Office 365’s interface as it follows the Microsoft tradition, which most of us have been using for the longest time.