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Productivity is a word that is often thrown around a lot when it comes to businesses. Merriam-Webster describes being productive in several ways. The most relevant of these definitions to the industry is "yielding results, benefits, or profits." With this in mind, understanding productivity in the workplace is much easier to put into context. 

Being productive in the workplace is tied directly to using all assets a business has to maximize its potential. While this relates explicitly to financial gains in most cases, it can also refer to higher employee satisfaction and less average idle time per employee.

One of the best ways a business can optimize its productivity is through a partnership with an IT firm. Outsourcing your business's IT needs to an IT consulting firm can lead to many benefits, such as optimizing a business's network architecture for maximum availability. Most companies will benefit from working with an IT firm. Read on to see some of the ways business can improve their overall productivity.


What Does Structured IT Services Refer To?

Structured IT services, in its most basic context, refers to IT consulting services and technical assistance provided by an IT firm performed in a systematic, organized way. This means that specific steps are followed, such as proper documentation of the issue, robust troubleshooting, employees having a hierarchical system of internal responsibilities inside the IT firm, and more.


Working with an IT consulting firm can provide several benefits, some of which we will cover below. In short, however, the average business can expect to see a sharp rise in productivity due to offloading some of the time it takes to manage their IT needs internally. You may also hear structured IT services can be referred to by other names, such as a managed service provider.


In summary: structured IT services refer to a firm that can help you find solutions for your business's IT needs.


How Does Using Structured IT Services Benefit Your Productivity?

Technology is a double-edged blade when it comes to productivity. While technology can often allow businesses to prosper and get tasks done quicker than without using it, it can also potentially reduce productivity if misused.


Various studies have been conducted in countries worldwide, such as from the U.S. Bureau of Labor, that have indicated that average productivity has dropped in recent years.


It is virtually impossible to eliminate all the distractions that modern technology brings fully. However, making use of a firm for IT consulting can, at the very least, reduce the time spent worrying about technical issues.


Having a dedicated team for managing network architecture, end-user technical assistance, and other technical services can provide employees more time to dedicate to other tasks.


Some Of the Things Structured IT Can Provide Businesses

The number of benefits that structured IT can provide through IT consulting and assistance are numerous and extensive. Here is just a small list of the many services you can expect when working with an IT consulting firm:


  • General IT consulting and assistance. There are often instances where situations can quickly go wrong, such as network outages or data corruption. You can expect an IT consulting firm to assist you with these situations and more to help mitigate the worst-case scenario while also reducing both time and stress for you and your employees. 
  • Software licensing services. In today's world, there are numerous types of software available for a multitude of different purposes. It can become overwhelming trying to determine what software you need to keep your business running optimally. Fortunately, working with an IT firm can help to significantly reduce the amount of guessing required, as they will help pinpoint what you need.
  • Numerous cloud-based solutions. So much software and other forms of technology are available through offsite servers and networks these days. Lucky for your business, the opportunities exist to utilize cloud-based solutions to save time and money. There's no need to buy expensive hardware when you can use remote servers to backup data, run software off of, and more.
  • Assistance designing and supporting network architectureNetwork architecture can get complicated quickly. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be. An IT firm will assist you with designing and maintaining a network that has maximum availability and performance. In addition, they will be able to resolve any hardware-related problems that come with a network.
  • Security features. Many IT firms will assist you in setting up a variety of features related to environmental security. This can include integrated camera-based security solutions, such as CCTVbiometric authenticationswipe cards for door control, and more. Integrating these security features will prevent intruders from entering your building and reduce theft from within.


How Can I Determine If Working with An IT Firm Can Benefit My Business?

As stated prior, most businesses will see a spike in profit and overall productivity working with an IT firm. At House of I.T, we are experts at working with countless small, medium, and large-size businesses. We have been in business for more than 15 years, working with numerous companies to help them optimize their productivity and allow them to focus on the things they are most skilled at doing.


While it might initially sound risky to provide sensitive information to an outside vendor, keep in mind that businesses like us are ISO certified. We have met international standards for following best practice protocols and procedures to protect customers' information and meet customer expectations. What this means for you is that we know how to effectively implement an IT strategy for your business and value the privacy of your employees and their information.


Our experience spans many industries, including logistics, finance, hospitality, retail, medical, manufacturing, legal, BPO/IPO, telco, and real estate. Rest assured that we are flexible and can implement an IT strategy for virtually all industries. If you need help with implementing or maintaining your IT infrastructure, network architecture, or anything else, we advise you to contact us to assist you as soon as possible.