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IT Infrastructure Design

An IT Infrastructure Design that Speeds Up Productivity




IT support services play an important role in any organizational structure and even more today in this digital age.

In other words, your IT network infrastructure design should perfectly fit your company’s processes if you mean business (pun intended) in productivity and performance. From automated workflows to system security to your daily operational tasks, you need a strategically designed IT network infrastructure to ensure that you’re totally ripping the benefits of the technologies you invested in.

The first step is to find the most experienced IT solutions company that can deliver 24/7 support with reliable solutions. Whether you’re just starting your business or starting to grow your business, here is a list of what you should consider.

Understand the basics.

One of the many barriers to adapting to the latest technologies is the lack of understanding. Far too many small-medium businesses are burdened by their technology solutions. Imagine how counter-productive that is when your tech solutions should enable you to do more in less time with minimal resources. If you are experiencing this, it’s time to reevaluate your IT network infrastructure.

Getting the most of your ROI from your IT solutions begins with taking two steps. Be one step ahead. Anticipate what could possibly happen in the future. Assess if your business needs will be met and that your network is stable and secure. Hold regular IT reviews to keep everyone in the team aware of all progress, changes, and potential problems. Make use of automation whenever you can. And lastly, document every area of your network setup.

Understand how it can protect your business and your clients at the same time.

Large corporations face data breaches all the time, and just when you think you’re off the hook, think again. Hackers target small-medium businesses because there are fewer safeguards than those of corporations. It entails less work to achieve the same level of theft. With only a few hurdles to jump through, hackers can target several SMEs in just a short time. Imagine if they have all the time in the world.

So get started with multiple layers of protection for your network. Consider in-house servers and any off-site servers with continuous monitoring and immediate alerts and Wi-Fi access points. Establish periodic and detailed risk assessments that identify weak spots and vulnerabilities. Consider end-user level protection, employee training, and strict protocols in accessing business and customer data. Ensure that data transfers are safe.

Understand the process to go through in setting up a business IT infrastructure.

The answer largely depends on what you need your IT infrastructure for. If your company needs flexibility and remote access, you may opt for a solution that’s primarily cloud-based. A different solution applies if it’s in a regulated industry. Work with your partnered IT support provider like House of IT to implement and deploy improved solutions based on your plans.


Effectively designed IT infrastructure can do more than just keep the business operations running. The core benefit should go beyond that. It should allow automated workflows, improved productivity, and leverage stable business growth. To understand why you use the technology tools you choose; why every single tech solution should connect to a specific business goal; and why both your IT support company—in-house or outsourced—and your staff should be aware.

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