Cloud Migration Tips And Tricks

Cloud Migration Tips And Tricks You May Want To Try



Cloud computing is fast becoming the go-to for most companies. It’s very useful for companies to determine the best ways to reap the full benefits and lessen the risks involved in migrating to the cloud. The move to the cloud should be given lots of thought and attention since there are many risks involved. There is no question that organizations have gained a lot of benefits from their migration. However, the strategies and processes needed to make the move from a built infrastructure to the cloud are something not to be taken lightly.

In this article, I will try to show you some tips that you can follow should you embark on your journey to cloud migration. And, I will give some useful insights that will help you gather the much-needed information that will help you make the best decisions. Remember, cloud computing may be complicated at the start. That’s why it needs careful planning to see if it really suits your objectives. 

Here are the two most common configurations you may encounter:

The Private Cloud

This is something that’s more in-house and is operated by the company itself. It may also, however, be managed by your outsourced IT team.

The Public Cloud

In this infrastructure, apps and data are stored by third-party suppliers that will supply cloud programs to you. Some of them are Microsoft Office 365 or Office 365 for Business.

Once you know the different types of cloud, your next move is to choose which applications to move to your chosen cloud storage.

Below are some steps to help you:

Leave Some Apps Where They Are

Applications that are constantly upgrading may pose as a challenge to move to the cloud. It’s usually the best decision to leave them alone and keep them there until the updates are done.

Pay Attention to Licensing Contracts

If there are applications that you will have to pay more just to license on the cloud, then you should probably leave them where they are.

Very Old and High Maintenance Apps Should Stay Where They Are

I am referring to applications that you have been using for the longest time. You know… Those that play some crucial part of your business but are quite challenging to maintain because even the slightest alteration is likely to cause some mishap. Leave them alone for now.

Look at the Big Picture

A company’s first move is usually to move a small and not-so-crucial app to the cloud. While it may be ok, it also means they won’t be able to experience the full advantage of cloud computing, or be able to see the amount of savings they will get if they migrate important applications to the cloud.

Do Your Research to Learn About Things You Don’t Know

One way of doing this is by using intelligence monitoring tools to help you in doing your research and monitoring so when the time comes to migrate you can make a really informed decision.