Microsoft Office 365 Features You Should Try

Amazing Microsoft Office 365 Features You Should Try



So, what’s holding you back from migrating to Microsoft’s Office 365? If you are not yet aware of what Office 365 can do to your biz, then prepare to be mind-blown! This platform will give you access to a number of Office applications offered online that will truly enhance the way you do your work. Also included with your subscription are plans that you can use whether you’re at home or in the office. Get ready to migrate to Office 365, because in this article I’m going to show you some tricks that you can do with Office 365.

Remote and Collaborative Editing Is Available in Office 365

Collaboration is crucial for any corporation wishing to grow. Office 365 allows you to edit identical documents at the same time, which makes collaborating easier. Wherever there is an Internet connection, both you and your partners can work together on your documents.

Skyping While Typing

The hassle of sending docs back and forth is now just a thing of the past, thanks to the Word Online addition of Skype for Business. Skype for Business provides you with a live-chat feature, even if you are working on a document. It also allows you to see when your co-editor is doing something on the document, as you can see their names near the cursors.

Just by having Skype open on your device, you can now see chat titles reflecting the document or presentation title, and would let you join in on the fun.

Access Office 365 No Matter What Device You’re Using

Office 365 boosts your team’s productivity since its cool features are made available even if you are working on your phone, tablet, or your office desktop. It’s convenient to access your resources from anywhere safely as long as there is an Internet connection.

Transform Your Notes to Calendar Events

With Office 365, you can now turn your notes into calendar events. By using OneNote to compose your to-do list, you can convert your tasks into reminders and deadlines posted on a calendar. Aside from that, you can also include important details, such as location, topic, and date. Afterward, you can send it via email to your staff by clicking the “Email Page” function.

Easier File Attachment

Including attachments with OneDrive and SharePoint is now a memory from days long gone. With Office 365, uploading and composing documents, presentations, spreadsheets, or notes will all happen in Microsoft’s cloud with its unique URL. The shareable link will appear once you hit the “Share+” function. Now, you can also select if you want the doc to appear as private or if it can be shared with your collaborators who can view or edit the link as needed.

Fewer Mistakes

Office 365’s MailTips will proactively stop any mistake – such as sending an empty attachment – from happening. This tool tells you before you send the message to anyone when it sees something wrong. This feature prevents mistakes from happening.