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7 Industries Where a GPON Installation Can Benefit a Business’s Overall Productivity




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Our need for quick, reliable internet access is more vital than ever before in human history in the business world. Businesses both small and large that have been unable to adapt to the digital landscape quickly have gone under in recent years, often due to not being able to update their networking equipment for themselves and their customers. 

One of the most effective ways for businesses to stay up to date on the latest industry trends is to get a GPON installation done for their business. This will allow them to remain competitive and productive as possible due to the speed and reliability that GPON provides. We have selected seven industries below to highlight where the benefit of a GPON installation is particularly beneficial.   


Insurance Providers


Insurance agencies constantly check large databases for information, including information like a client’s assets and prior criminal history. Because of this, the speed and reliability of their internet will be critical. 

To ensure that they can continue to access information without any hiccups, insurance providers will want to investigate getting a GPON installation. This will allow them to maximize the speed and the amount of data they can retrieve at any time. 


Financial Institutions


Banks, trading firms, credit unions, and other financial institutions frequently access a wealth of information over the internet, especially client information. Information that is not immediately available or accessible could result in a loss of business or a reduction of overall productivity. 

Financial institutions are incredibly reliant on high-speed internet, making them a prime candidate for a GPON installation. Getting GPON installed at a financial institution will ensure that they can maintain the workflow they currently have while also ensuring they can handle any increase in internet usage in the future. 


Call Centers


More so than most businesses, call centers have an incredibly high volume of inbound and outbound calls inside their offices. Since most business phones are VoIP (voice over internet protocol, i.e., internet-based phones), having a fast, reliable internet connection is vital for providing service. 

Having fast and reliable internet will ensure that their phones will retain callers without it dropping the audio and allow the audio to remain crystal clear without any hiccups in quality. Additionally, beyond just the phones, having GPON ensures that any information pulled from their databases or the internet, in general, will be quick and reliable to open, ensuring that customers will not get frustrated by long wait times. 




Restaurants use the internet for a variety of purposes. These include taking credit card payments, online ordering, internal inventory, a POS station, and more. Having even a brief outage of service can be extremely deadly to a restaurant, effectively crippling them during this period. 

Getting a GPON installation is a wise idea for restaurants as it will ensure that their services remain constant and without any issues. 




In the case of the healthcare industry, outage of service can, quite literally, be deadly to their client’s health. Whether accessing clients’ data, communication with other businesses, scanning results into an online database, or anything else internet-based, ensuring that data is as quick and stable as possible can ensure that they can help their clients as reliably as possible. 

If they do not already have GPON, hospitals and other places where health care is provided should seriously consider getting it installed. 




Hotels have a large amount of clientele coming into their facilities that they need to keep track of. Additionally, since they provide guests with wi-fi access, having quick and reliable internet is an amenity that guests have come to expect over the years.

Hotels will benefit from a GPON installation by allowing them constant, fast access to customers currently staying at their facilities, ensuring their public wi-fi is quick and stable, allowing them to check out and in customers quickly, and more. 




As they are dealing with a large variety and volume of items and purchases, retail stores will require the best internet possible to allow for them to provide their client base with the best service they can offer. 

Having an issue with a credit card machine, slow access to an internal database, issues with online purchasing, and more can be a crippling factor for the retail industry. Fortunately, a GPON installation will help alleviate the problem and ensure that customers can happily shop without any issues. 




Many businesses will benefit from getting a GPON installation. At House of I.T, we are experts at working with countless small, medium, and large-size companies to provide GPON installations and ensure that their network is appropriately equipped and configured to handle the connection. 

We have been in business for more than 15 years, working with numerous companies to help them optimize their productivity and allow them to focus on the things they are most skilled at doing. If your company is interested in getting GPON installed, we advise you to contact us for more information.