ISO-Certified IT Providers

10 Reasons to Choose an ISO-Certified IT Provider



Why You Should Choose an ISO-Certified IT Provider

Anybody can claim to be an IT expert but only a few can be recognized by the International Organization for Standardization. Because regardless of which type of industry you’re in, cybersecurity and IT management are essential to business. Many companies in the past were able to realize this fact the hard way when they were too lax in choosing their IT provider. The International Organization for Standardization has long been stressing this to local IT support companies.

Safeguarding company data and properly designing IT infrastructure is the primary role of IT professionals. IT providers who met the ISO standards can fulfill these responsibilities with ease.

1. They have the competence and credibility to address IT issues.
Cybersecurity certifications require the individuals pursuing them to study IT security information like data protection and access control. With this knowledge, IT service providers will be able to deal with real-world scenarios effectively and efficiently. That said, this move makes them more competent than those that skip the certification process.

As you know, cyberattacks are growing more sophisticated over time. Certification applications push these managed IT services to learn about new security threats and how to respond to them. Through this, these experts are knowledgeable about the security requirements they need to comply with to ensure that they are combat-ready when these threats hit businesses.

2. They have the right expertise for your business needs.
As a business owner, would you rather work with IT companies that claim they are trustworthy, or would you choose the one that can show proof? In the business world, certifications can be seen as the validation of skills, knowledge, and expertise. Cybersecurity certifications, in particular, validate an IT service provider’s competence in the field of information technology. It can give the assurance that the IT service provider is highly knowledgeable about the latest IT security and privacy protocols. Aside from that, certifications also enable them to help businesses in IT infrastructure design, implementation, and ongoing management.

3. They know how to improve existing systems and security protocols.
It is undeniable how technology is rapidly changing over the years. In fact, innovation comes so fast that some companies are having a hard time keeping up with these changes.

Other than learning about the latest IT security trends, certification training also informs experts about the old systems and security protocols. With this information, IT experts can study how to improve and optimize IT systems and security protocols. Moreover, it gives them the knowledge on how to adapt to the shifting landscape with ease.

4. Their IT services are delivered by competent professionals.
Although certified IT service providers are more expensive than those that are not, it is definitely cheaper than a security breach. When the provider you’re working with owns a cybersecurity certification, you can have the peace of mind that the services you’re availing of are being delivered by competent IT experts. For this very reason, many established corporations nowadays only trust certified IT, service providers, to deal with their IT needs.

5. They ensure customer satisfaction.
This comes in a form of an SLA or Service Level Agreement. One of the sure-fire ways to promote growth in any business is through customer satisfaction. This can easily be achieved by delivering a good customer experience. Businesses that provide reliable and consistent products and services tend to satisfy customer needs better. When you let certified IT service providers assist your business, you will be able to experience IT services that follow a specific standard. Hence, fostering services that are secure and trustworthy.

6. They can increase your business’ market value.
Apart from delivering customer satisfaction, certified IT service providers also help businesses make a good impression on potential customers. As mentioned, certifications require providers to comply with certain standards and regulations. That said, you’ll be able to get the confidence that your IT systems meet a high-quality standard.
Certified managed IT services are usually dedicated to the continuous improvement of quality and customer service. Hence, these standards can definitely aid you in increasing your market value in the business world.

7. They follow an international standard that’s recognized worldwide.
More often than not, cybersecurity certifications share the same standards worldwide. IT experts claim that certified IT service providers are perfect for businesses that have branches in multiple countries. With their help, it will be easier for businesses to maintain the same quality of their products and services around the world. Hence, you should look into IT service providers that follow an international standard.

8. They can keep you updated on the latest IT trends.
It is an IT service provider’s responsibility to ensure their client’s IT security. Because of that, it has been a practice of certified providers to keep themselves updated about the latest trends in information technology. With their expertise in this matter, they can guide companies on what responses they should implement to proactively minimize their susceptibility to cybersecurity threats. Aside from that, their knowledge in cybersecurity can also help them detect breaches faster and apply countermeasures promptly.

9. They help you get a better understanding of your business’ compliance needs.
Every business has its own unique compliance needs. For you to address them individually, it’s necessary to get to know each one of them. Evidently, better understanding leads to better preparation. Once you understand your business’ compliance needs, it will be easier for you to comply with every one of them. Furthermore, this action can also help you increase the level of your business’ protection.

10. They can provide high-standard IT support 24/7.
Most companies at present work around the clock to maximize profit. Hence, it is ideal for these businesses to have high-standard IT support at standby whenever the need arises. Certified IT service providers offer IT support to their clients 24/7/365. That said, they can assist you in your IT needs always, whether it’s a weekday, a weekend, or a holiday.

Why Choose House of IT as Your IT Service Provider?
One of the most reputable IT companies in the Philippines is House of I.T. This company is certified by ISO. Its ISMS ISO 27001:2013 recognizes that they follow an international standard when it comes to data security protocols and procedures. Aside from that, its QMS ISO 9001:2015 acknowledges that they follow an international standard in delivering a good customer experience as well.

House of IT offers users a set of comprehensive IT solutions that are individually designed to maximize IT resources and ensure IT security. For more information, reach out to them!