Your Business Guide To A Smooth Office 365 Migration

Your Business Guide To A Smooth Office 365 Migration


Increased workforce productivity, cost predictability, and business continuity – are just a few of the benefits that users can get from Microsoft Office 365 for Business. Without any doubt, these perks have enticed numerous people in business to make use of their services. And not just that, it also contributed to Office 365’s growing popularity in the business world.

As more and more businesses migrated to Office 365, Microsoft relentlessly improved the services that it delivered. Because of that effort, it remained popular among businessmen and it continued to prove its usefulness to businesses.

It is undeniable that Office 365 offers numerous benefits to organizations, but sometimes the transition from desktop office products to Microsoft Office 365’s products isn’t that simple. For that reason, here are pointers that you can follow to help you migrate smoothly to Office 365.

Work with an Experienced IT Service Provider

With an IT professional, even complex problems can be resolved with ease. That is especially true when you work with experts that have specialized in their craft for a significant amount of time. That said, IT specialists from managed IT services in the Philippines like House of I.T can guarantee you a smooth transition to Office 365. With their expertise, they can work with precision and help you avoid preventable mistakes.

Examine Your IT infrastructure and Your Business Needs

Before your business migrates to Office 365, it is crucial that you remember to examine your current IT infrastructure and your business needs. That way you would be able to check if your IT environment is capable of supporting an Office 365 setup. Moreover, you can also examine if that setup can accommodate the employees you have in your company. For an assured smooth Office 365 migration, it is essential to take an updated snapshot of your IT infrastructure. You can also make this process easier by utilizing Microsoft’s automated readiness-checker tool.

Choose The Right Microsoft Office 365 Plan

Another way your business can smoothly migrate to Office 365 is by choosing the Microsoft Office 365 plan that would fit your business. By doing that, you can align your transition to your business requirements. You can start that by fixing up a cross-functional team that can help you identify your information technology needs and your business goals. That way you will be able to decide as a team the Office 365 features your business needs and determine the migration type that is suitable for your business.

Ensure Your Business Data’s Security

Although Office 365 provides high-standard security for your data, it can’t safeguard you from malicious activities that happen on your side of things. For that reason, it is highly encouraged to have a third-party backup and restore solution. Through that, your business will have an extra layer of data security that can help your business recover promptly. That said, to avoid future problems as you make use of Office 365 make data security a priority.

Prepare Your Employees for Your Transition

Aside from seeking help from experts and preparing your IT infrastructure for Office 365, it is crucial to prepare your employees for this transition as well. Alongside the new features and functionalities, Office 365 brings a new set of processes and norms. That is why it’s fundamental to train your employees to use the new tools. By doing that, you would be able to increase work efficiency and allay the employees’ apprehensions regarding Office 365.