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Outsource IT Services Philippines

Why Outsource IT Services To The Philippines



More and more businesses - from start-ups to established companies coming from different fields - are learning the value of outsourcing IT services to the Philippines

By working with an offshore contractor partnership, companies have more time and resources for other important and critical projects. Meanwhile, experts in the field maintain network management operations and other tech-related tasks remotely.

IT experts in the Philippines, such as House of I.T, have helped companies and brands across the globe improve their frontlines across varieties of industries. If you want to scale up your business, the Philippines is the best for you to pick. Here's why.

Save Money

The savings you will get from outsourcing IT Services in the Philippines may be significant. An estimated 80% of businesses with fewer than 300 employees can incur a huge amount of savings from outsourcing e-mail management or marketing alone

IT service providers may be able to provide access to services and equipment at far more affordable costs than how much your business would spend trying to do it alone.


Increase Efficiency

Business leaders explain that outsourcing IT improves efficiency by making the delivery of services faster and more precise.

Companies may deploy the solutions with personalized specifications for each department from the start. It saves more time compared to deploying services throughout and then returning to each department to customize the already implemented technology.


Strong Education System

With a greater than 95% literacy rate, the Philippines is a great place to meet your needs. The ASEAN Briefing reported that 450,000 Filipinos graduate from higher education institutes every year.

In the Philippines, English is the medium of instruction ever since the start of the American regime back when the Philippines was a US colony. Plus, a few schools even offer BPO skills training to prepare students for this specific industry.

Data Privacy Act

The Data Privacy Act of 2012 delivered the Philippines' policies up to global security models. Personal and private data have strict regulations; making a barrier against unapproved access and use. With this policy and the continuous efforts related to it, your data is in safe hands.

The Philippines is the Call Center Capital of the World

According to the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP), the Philippines remains the call center capital of the world. Leaving all its competitors in the dust, the Philippines is believed to remain on its feet this year.

The Philippines continues to be the largest location for the delivery of contact services in the rest of the world. So as an outsourcing destination, we continue to dominate the No. 1 spot as a country. There is no close No. 2. We continue to be No. 1 in terms of market share, the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) chairman Benedict Hernandez said.

Make Outsourcing IT an Important Part of Your Business

Outsourced IT services help companies align business operations more conveniently and, of course, effectively. Having dedicated IT pros properly assigned to each digital function of your biz ensures that all departments are connected and working seamlessly together as a single operating unit. Failure to do so may cause unwanted backlogs in operation, leading to expensive problems, which can be remedied by having an outsourced IT services provider at your disposal.