What Is ISMS And Why Do Companies Have Security Breaches?



First off, what exactly is Information Security Management System? ISMS, as it is popularly called, is a systematic and structured approach to managing important and sensitive information to keep it safe and secure at all times. It consists of a set of policies, processes, procedures, and systems to properly manage risks in order to turn them into organizational data.

As everyone knows, one of the most valuable assets a company or organization possesses is its information. Thus, it’s most important and should be on top of every company or organization’s priorities. And, it would make much more sense if an ISMS is implemented to answer the need for information security, as a direct influence by the company or organization’s security requirements, processes employed, objectives, size, and structure.

Right now, almost every company utilizes technology; and with that comes threats – particularly cyberthreats. Its primary objective is to sniff out or steal anything that is of value in the cyber world, some even destroying it. That largely involves lots of data, important and sensitive information owned by companies and organizations.

This is where the importance of having an Information Security Management System or ISMS kicks in. ISMS can fend off these attacks if employed in a company or organization, protecting all valuable information from bad elements who will do anything just to get hold of it.

With ISMS having your company’s back, you are assured of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information that you need or are protecting. Just imagine the horror of having your personal information on a social media website spilled out or stolen from a cyber attacker, how would you respond? Definitely, by properly managing it next time using a very reliable strategy or security system.

So, what does an Information Security Management System cover? House of I.T talks about that and breaks down every important aspect ISMS covers. Here they are.

Information Security in All Forms

There are a lot of kinds of information, and every kind definitely needs protection and security at all times. And what better way to secure every kind of information than to have an ISMS employed in your company. It protects all forms of information – from personal information to company secrets.  ISMS has it all secured, preventing unauthorized access along the way that may lead to illegal use and destruction of information. Plus, it does not only protect information but also organizes them in a systematic way without hampering organizational productivity.

Risk Management

As complex as it may sound, risk management is an important component in everything you do, especially when you’re running a company or organization. Risk management simply is the identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing of risks that are sure to have a large effect on any company or organization. Its primary objective is the protection of organizational assets, namely information, by minimizing, monitoring, and controlling probabilities of unfortunate events that a company or organization may face going forward. It’s to assure a company that there will be no uncertainty that will hinder their endeavor from what they want to achieve or the goals of the company.

Cyber-Attack Resilience

As advancements in technology are seemingly rapid, along with them comes threats in the form of cyber-attacks. Having an ISMS will greatly improve your company’s resilience to any kind of attack from cybercriminals who will do everything just to steal or even destroy important information your company has. Firewalls and antivirus software are not enough these days to protect your sensitive information; that’s why ISMS should be employed by every company and organization. Cyber security is a top priority if you wish to work with technology, and a company’s cyber-attack resilience is a critical trait if it wants to survive in the future.

Centrally Managed Framework

Not having a centrally managed framework is difficult for large companies to manage all their operations, resources, and systems. But Information Security Management System helps you with that, as it provides a reliable framework for keeping your company’s information secure and safe always while managing everything all in one place. ISMS also offers a company or organization-wide protection, further extending your reach to protect and manage every information your company has. It also helps if you have an internal IT Support team to help you manage your ISMS.