IT Firm pricing

What Can You Expect to Pay to Work with an IT Firm

IT Firm pricing


Ah, money. Like it or not, money is the cornerstone of micro and macroeconomics on a global level. Much has been said about the effects of money, both on a practical and artistic level. Regardless of your social-economic position, though, it’s a fact that no (sane) person wants to spend more money than they need to in order to meet their basic needs. This especially goes for businesses. 

Are you in need of IT support but don’t want to “break the bank” to get what you need? Businesses like House of I.T can not only help with any issue you may face but can also do so at an affordable level. Continue reading for insights into the two most common pricing plans that IT firms have to offer. 


The Types of General Pricing Options IT Firms Offer 

There will largely be two main ways that IT firms will offer their services: through a contractual agreement or on an individual basis. Here is some brief information about both. 



This is the more common type of plan and the one that is most marketed by IT firms. Agreements are popular for a reason, as they cover a full scope of services. 

Agreements are a once-a-period (usually monthly) payment that usually covers all remote and on-site work and support. Some companies may offer services outside of remote and on-site support, such as data backup services, though this is slightly more uncommon. 

Agreements will usually cover per-device or per-user. Both cover what they imply: per-device is a contract where the price is determined by the number of devices inside an organization, while per-use is based on the number of employees. 



If you only have an issue occasionally that is beyond the scope of what you are comfortable handling, it may be in your best interest to look for IT firms that offer per-issue support. 

Per-issue support is a more a la cart option, paying as you go per issue. 

Pricing for per-issue can vary depending on the issue, but per-issue is either calculated by the hour or by a tiered complexity level. If you go this route, ensure you know exactly what you may be paying, as per-issue pricing is much more unpredictable than an agreement.  


The Pros and Cons of Each 

Like most things in life, there are going to be good and bad aspects to both payment types. The following is a quick list of the pros and cons of each. 


Agreement Pros 

  • It is easy to understand the pricing structure. 
  • You know exactly what to expect payment-wise when you or your employees call in. 
  • You can call in for virtually anything, even if it’s just for a general question, and not have to worry about being charged. 


Agreement Cons 

  • You are locked into monthly payments 
  • Agreements are revised on a semi-regular basis (such as each year) 


Per-Issue Pros 

  • You are not bound by any contract and you pay as you go. 
  • You can go months without ever needing to pay. 


Per-Issue Cons 

  • Pricing is not cut-and-dry; what you pay may be different than you expect. 
  • Less firms offer per-issue pricing models. 
  • It usually ends up costing more than agreements if used on a semi-regular basis. 


The Bottom-Line 

What do we recommend? Put simply, unless you are an extremely small business that rarely encounters IT-related problems, an agreement makes a lot more sense.  

The main reason that we recommend agreements, outside of cost predictability, is that you and your employees can engage in a “buffet-style” of IT support, calling in whenever you need something. 

Have a large-scale issue that is impacting all your employees? An agreement covers that. Have a question that even you think may be a bit silly but want to double-check? An agreement also covers that. 

While per-issue seems like it could be the better option, for most businesses opting for an agreement will not only be cheaper in the long run, but it also offers more overall benefits for the price. 


Reach Out to House of I.T For Preliminary Pricing Questions 

Not sure if working with an IT firm is within your budget? Why not find out for free not only if you can, but also to see how House if I.T can assist you? 

At House of I.T, we work with businesses of all types and sizes. We know what works for businesses like yours and can ensure that we can develop an effective plan that is within your budget. 

We highly encourage you to reach out to us for a free consultation session and work out a plan for helping your company with its IT needs. We hope to hear from you soon!