Wearables: Meet The Future Of Apparel



Last January, the CES 2017 tech show showcased wearable medical, biometric, and augmented reality devices to be launched in the mainstream market leaving people from IT Services in the Philippines and elsewhere across the globe pretty much excited!

Coming to the market in the very near future, these high-tech gadgets will surely leave their mark in the gadget industry.

Prevent Biometrics Head Impact Monitor

Injury prevention and first aid treatment have become vital issues in sports at all levels— from amateurs to pros. There have been several wearable solutions launched over the last few years, but none as thoroughly effective and popular as the head impact monitor from Prevent Biometrics.

These synthetic mouthguards track the severity of blows to the heads of everyone on an entire team and immediately transmit the data to a coach’s phone or tablet app.

BACtrack Skyn alcohol monitor

BACtrack is quite famous for its line of accurate personal and professional blood alcohol monitors. Even the smallest of the monitors are pocket-sized and can provide a measure only when you blow into it. At CES, the company showed two models of the BACtrack Skyn, which they labeled as the first wearable alcohol monitor.

Because monitoring is continuous, people will be able to understand how quickly they absorb alcohol and how slowly it stays in their bodies.

eMagin BlazeTorch night vision goggle

If mountain biking or playing extreme sports in the dark is your thing, then you’re going to love the BlazeTorch.

The BlazeTorch is an entry-level night vision goggle from eMagin, a company that makes very serious, very rugged OLED micro-displays. The device looks like a binocular display module attached to a conventional ski goggle-type face mask. Each eye gets a 1280 x 1024 OLED night vision display, and the module carries a built-in infrared illuminator. An HD camera can store a 128GB SD card, and the whole thing runs on a Li-Ion battery which, according to their release, can live for three hours. An Android app lets you live-stream your videos and chat in real-time.

Inova Bodytrak biometrics measurement

This year brings to light a bunch of ear-worn devices whose main purpose is to gather biometrics rather than just provide music. One of the more advanced is Bodytrak, from the British company Inova. The device though compact has the ability to measure heart rate, oxygen consumption, location, speed, and body temperature. It also allows two-way communication and the ability to hear what’s going on around you.

PogoTec PogoCam camera

The big thing that impressed us before about Google Glass — and, to some extent, Snapchat Specs — is the cam that has the ability to film with only minimal notice. Now, you can exactly do that, using a perfectly normal-looking pair of glasses and a tiny camera released by PogoTec.

The company has collaborated with four frame makers to produce prescription and sunglasses frames with the track, including the makers of Foster Grant, Ocean Pacific, Argus Vision, and Vista Eyewear. PogoCam is also planning to create devices that monitor UV exposure and drivers’ alertness.