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Using Structured Cabling to Rebuild Your Infrastructure

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No matter how technologically advanced you’ve become, you can’t control the forces of nature. So, when natural calamities like storms strike, your cabling infrastructure needs protection. 

As these incidents can ruin your cabling, a well-organized system can come to your rescue.

That’s where structured cabling can help you. Whether your cabling infrastructure is damaged and needs rebuilding, structured cabling is the key. It’s because a structured cabling system offers a robust system to strengthen your IT infrastructure.

A structured cabling connection is a long-term investment that will safeguard your technical systems and infrastructure. This post will cover everything about structured cabling systems and how they can help restructure your entire cabling system.

What Are Structured Cable Systems?     

Structured cabling systems are generally used for setting up the cable infrastructure for a campus or a commercial workspace. It consists of a number of more minor elements that are standardized, making its installation simpler. 

These cabling solutions came into play to enhance traditional cabling infrastructure. As point-to-point cabling consisted of multiple wires from every electronic device fixed together, it created a lot of mess. 

Structured wiring also reduced the possibility of electrical accidents in these traditional infrastructures. This system also offers you the foundation to protect the entire IT infrastructure from incidents like power outages or climatic conditions.        

Structured Cabling Design

A structured cabling design is different from traditional systems that are very complicated. Point-to-point systems used jumpers to connect the hardware. But a structured wiring system utilizes a series of trunks and patch panels for developing a structure for the hardware. 

Then you can easily connect the hardware ports patch panels at the top section. You can connect this patch panel to another one through a trunk in the Main Distribution Area (MDA).

Importance Of Structured Cabling   

Structured cabling systems can take your IT infrastructure to another level. By reducing complexity and simplifying operations, you can handle the infrastructure better with these modern cabling systems. 

  • As businesses continue transmitting and exchanging more data through their networks, it also increases technology and tools. 
  • Structured cabling systems enhance your communication infrastructure by accommodating all these additional technologies. So, you can even scale your infrastructure properly with structured wiring. 
  • A structured cabling network helps you maximize your business potential by improving your existing infrastructure. If your cabling system needs a revamp, structured cabling is the best solution. 
  • Accommodating adds, moves, and changes is way simpler using these systems.  

Structural cable systems enable you to add more hardware and tools conveniently. In addition, you will enjoy lesser power disruptions and call to prevent complications due to natural calamities.

In short, it is a comprehensive solution to strengthen your entire technical infrastructure. 

How Do Natural Disasters Ruin Your Cabling Infrastructure?  

A severe natural disaster has the potential to destroy the cabling infrastructure of any organization. Whether you have multiple electronic pieces of equipment or a data center, natural disasters might ruin everything. 

For example, if you run a data center that consists of different hardware connections, it may be prone to adverse climatic conditions. When a hurricane hits a data center, it can cause structural damage and power outage. 

  • The internal and external wiring may be destroyed, which will affect the functioning of critical hardware. 
  • You also need to consider the secondary impacts of harsh climatic conditions. These may include loss of internet connectivity, electricity, or extremely poor internet access.    
  • Such environmental incidents not only affect existing business processes but all technological processes too. 
  • While uninterruptible power systems and backup generators are wise solutions, they are not enough. 

If the cabling and hardware get damaged, you need to repair and reinstall them. And this will take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, you need a well-organized cable system to tackle such adverse conditions.      

Rebuilding Your Infrastructure After A Natural Disaster

As discussed above, natural disasters can ruin your cabling infrastructure's internal and external components. To strengthen your systems, structured cabling is important. 

You might attempt to install structured cabling yourself for rebuilding your cables. However, approaching a skilled professional or service will be the best way forward.  

Let's see how structured cabling systems can help you out.

Reduce Wiring Complexity and Simplify Repairs 

Structured cabling helps in reducing the complicated wiring of your cabling systems. So, if any natural disasters ruin your traditional cabling, it’s the perfect time to replace them with structured cables. This offers you a more robust and advanced solution for repairing wire damage.

So, during the repairs, structured cabling can help immensely organize your cables. It will also make installing and arranging the hardware simpler. In addition, if you want to include new equipment or replace the damaged ones, the structured system will aid the process effectively. 

  • As the structured cabling Technology provides you with a very high level of flexibility, you can easily make changes and repairs. 
  • With the increased adaptability infrastructural modifications, you can strengthen your systems and also enhance your operations. 

This will also help in reducing time, effort, and expenses while making the necessary repairs. 

Convenient Application Additions 

While restructuring your cabling systems, you might want to include some applications or equipment. This might be a great time to improve your infrastructure, but a well-organized foundation is necessary to execute the plan. 

Adding new technology might also be necessary when you're planning to scale up. Structured cable systems will help in changes, adds, and moves during the process. 

For instance, if you want to include a stronger VoIP system or connectivity equipment, structured systems will make the process smooth. All structured cable systems can easily accommodate new technology without making the process too hectic.

Including Fiber Optics 

At present, fiber optic cables are one of the most preferred technologies for internet connectivity. Being extremely fast and reliable, you can replace them easily with traditional cables. 

So, structured cabling will be the perfect way to support fiber optic cables. It will also be simpler for you to install and arrange it with these cabling systems.  

Adding Distributed Antenna Systems

If you want to enhance your Wi-Fi coverage and internet connectivity further, Distributed Antenna Systems are an excellent option. We can also help you in distributing mass notifications and offering better Wi-Fi access. 

Commercial structured cabling can easily support distributed antenna systems and also help in their installation. So, along with making the necessary fixes, you can elevate your internet connectivity conveniently.

Fixing Security Technologies 

One of the greatest benefits of using structured cable systems is the support you get for security systems. Modern security systems have become convenient, fixing them after a natural disaster hit might be extremely overwhelming. 

Structured cabling systems help in taking care of your organization's security. They can connect all your surveillance cameras and security equipment to your premises. Be it a commercial property or a residence, structured cables can handle everything. 

  • You can also fix security sensors in the property if they've suffered damages due to harsh weather.      
  • If your existing security systems have become damaged or corrupted, you could upgrade them with the support of structured cables. 
  • It can also help you scale up your security systems if required. 
  • Unlike traditional point-to-point systems, structured cabling can support more security functionalities and features. 

All this will help you to safeguard sensitive information and provide only authorized access. So, structured cables can make security system repairs hassle-free. In addition, you can also implement new security software and develop your security strategies during the process.  

Increase Technological Adaptability 

During rebuilding your infrastructure, you can strive to make it more adaptable to new technologies. So, if you want to modify existing cables and include new ones, structured cabling can support everything. 

  • You can accommodate various types of cables such as twisted-pair cables and coaxial cables. 
  • If you aim to provide better bandwidth and support complex systems, a structured wiring system is the best solution. 
  • For instance, if you want to enjoy better video conferencing and data calls, excellent bandwidth is an absolute must. 
  • Structured wiring can support everything conveniently with fever disruptions and provide better functionalities.    
  • Using structured cabling, you can enhance your existing telecommunication system without setting up everything from scratch. 

The greatest benefit of all this is the reduction of expenses and time. In addition, if your business expands and you have to move to a larger premise, reinstalling the network infrastructure will be convenient using structured cabling. 

With a structured cabling system, you’ll face fewer hassles modifying your traditional wiring systems.

Managing Data Centres 

As data centers form the core of any major corporation, damages due to natural factors can be lethal. Structured cable systems can be considered the backbone cabling while handling data centers. 

Structured systems can offer you the perfect layout and organizational assistance for your data centers. So, during the repair or re-installation of these centers, structured cabling will ease the process. 

  • Whether you want to deploy new services or enhance the inner functionalities of data centers, it will be convenient 
  • Reassembling and installing data centers will be hassle-free with structured cabling 
  • Structured cable systems support ethernet cabling and fiber optic cables easily and also help in improving performance 
  • Relocating your data center will be simpler and less time consuming

This will also help you prevent data losses and protect your data centers.

Troubleshooting and Rebuilding 

Even rebuilding a company's infrastructure depends upon the purposes and situations, structured cabling aims to simplify the processes. Providing a high level of consistency, it makes network installation simpler for the technicians. 

As the structured cable standards are extremely organized, it helps IT, professionals, to determine the source of the issues and fix it. This way, implementing the best troubleshooting procedures is easier, reducing downtime. 

  • Unlike unorganized cabling, structured cables reduce confusion during repairs 
  • It also speeds up the initial set up procedures 
  • Rebuilding data cabling and voice systems is far more convenient with structured cables 
  • You can accommodate faster repairs with these systems 

You can utilize this saved time for preparing better documentation for your configuration and additions. Based on the condition of your infrastructure, you can also make plans for expanding your infrastructure.  

This is a good time to detect and solve any errors encountered during the previous steps of infrastructure rebuilding.

Addressing Additional Requirements 

By now, you would have received an idea of how to rebuild your infrastructure using structured cabling. So, now you can utilize the cable system for including modern technologies to meet changing organizational requirements. 

  • As remote and hybrid office culture is now prevalent, video and conference calls have become very common. So, connecting with your remote teams will be simpler with structured cabling. 
  • Structured solutions can help you support online video streaming and conferencing. 
  • By offering you a broader bandwidth, the system enables you to set up meetings and calls conveniently. 
  • Therefore, if you're planning to enhance your workflow, this might be a great time to implement structured cabling.   

Implementing IoT 

Along with better streaming, you can implement IoT to improve the data exchange process. While rebuilding your infrastructure, you can include IoT to manage your business resources better. 

  • It will include various gadgets such as smart plants, smart lighting and also offer enhanced connectivity. 
  • If you handle heavy machinery, installing IoT systems will help in monitoring these machines and equipment

So, structured cabling will assist you in taking your infrastructure up a notch.   

Benefits Of Using Structured Cabling 

The primary benefits of using structured cabling for rebuilding your infrastructure include cost savings, fewer man-hours, and increased effectiveness. Let’s have a look at them in a bit more detail.


Whether you want to rebuild an existing infrastructure or set up a new one, structured cabling provides you with the perfect foundation. Instead of spending money on fixing point-to-point systems, structured cabling can get the job done while maintaining your expenses. 

It's because a structured cabling system is able to accommodate new technologies and evolving needs of your workspace. Unlike a traditional system, it will help in installing hardware, software and also detecting errors. 

  • While upgrading technologies, you don't have to rewire your infrastructure with structured cabling by your side. 
  • It reduces technical errors and enhances ROI 
  • You don't have to spend hours on maintenance with these modern cable systems 

Such a well-maintained infrastructure set-up increases the performance of all business processes. As a result, the productivity of your entire workforce increases, which eventually boosts your business performance.  

Reliable Solutions 

Structured cabling supports your organizational data and video requirements. It enhances the reliability of your network and enables you to maximize the output. 

  • Such excellent network performance provides you with better internet connectivity. And, with better coverage, you can speed up various organizational processes. 
  • Using a reliable network, you can organize virtual meets, conferences, calls, and seminars easily. Structured cabling enables you to get the most out of these processes. 
  • It automatically enhances the communication between your staff and the workflow.

On top of all this, structured cabling allows networking professionals to troubleshoot network issues effectively. Moreover, you can handle any network-based business operations better with less uptime. 

So, structured cabling can be a transformational implementation for your business.

Better Management and Organization 

One of the most amazing advantages of structured cabling is cable management. You don't have to spend hours managing Ethernet cables, coaxial cables, or optic fibers by implementing structured cabling. 

  • Your staff, customers, or clients won't see hanging cables in open spaces or walls 
  • You can organize and restructure all wires and cables using a structured cable system 
  • While rebuilding damaged wires, this system will help reduce time and effort 

Sometimes, certain hardware components might get damaged while untangling wires. You can prevent this by utilizing structured wiring. It’s a fantastic way to save money and make the engineer’s lives simpler!

Reduced Maintenance 

As structured cabling offers outstanding infrastructure management, you can expect fewer hours spent on maintenance. So, when a certified network technician tries to rebuild your infrastructure, they don't have to spend hours maintaining it later on. 

The primary reason for this is the availability of clear documentation with structured cabling. So, you can make modifications easily and won't have to worry about overseeing the system from time to time. 

No matter how complex a cabling system has become, structured cabling can take care of it like a pro! This also saves a lot of your valuable time, which you can apply to improve your business revenue. And that's a bonus!         

Summing Up

As you might have understood, commercial structured cabling systems are a long-term investment for any company. Even if you plan to implement it on other premises, it will be highly effective in rebuilding the infrastructure. 

These systems not only help you protect your infrastructure from natural calamities but allow you to maximize the performance of your network infrastructure. It eventually affects all your business operations and technological processes, impacting organizational efforts positively. 

So, structured cable systems at the perfect solution in this error for supporting any cabling infrastructure. You will enjoy fewer technical issues, better bandwidth, increased coverage, and internet connectivity.