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The Most Important Facts to Know Before Working with an IT Firm

IT firm

If you've concluded that, like most businesses, you will need an IT firm to help in your day-to-day operations, there will be a variety of questions you will inevitably have. IT firms like House of I.T are in business to help, but knowing your ally first is the best way to optimize the benefits they can provide you.

When it comes to onboarding with an IT firm, you may have a handful of questions. Here are a few of the most common things you should learn about and do before you start your first official day with your firm.


Get to Know the Team That Will Be Supporting You

Your IT firm will act as the backbone of your company's IT support. Since your firm will be playing such an essential role in your business's operations, it is vital that you know exactly who they are and what they represent.

Meeting with and getting to know, at the very least, the upper manager of your IT firm is crucial for developing good relations between the two companies and understanding the internal workings of their firm. These meetings will ensure that you better understand one another and determine a good plan of action for your business.


Understand their Internal Procedures and Processes

Every company operates a little bit differently. This also includes IT firms. Knowing how your IT firm handles issues, communicates amongst one another, and other important factors will allow you to better work with them to get your issues handled.

IT firms generally use ticketing systems to document cases. Learning which system they use, for example, will be a good first step to understanding how they operate.


Document Your Relevant Hardware, Software, and Processes

Depending on how much your business owns, documenting all of your hardware, software, and processes may be an incredibly tedious process. Despite this, you absolutely should document everything. Having everything in order will allow your IT firm to know exactly what equipment they are handling and the scope of their responsibility.

Additionally, having an up-to-date inventory will allow your firm to perform an IT audit. This can help with a variety of things, such as determining where bottlenecks are occurring in your network and figuring out what equipment you should upgrade. 


Reach Out to House of I.T For Any Questions

At House of I.T, we take great pride in optimizing businesses like yours. We enjoy seeing the results of our labor and love to see companies grow and scale over time.

We highly encourage you to reach out to us for a free consultation session and work out a plan for helping your company with its IT needs. We hope to hear from you soon!