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The Best Placement Areas For CCTV Cameras

The Best Placement Areas For CCTV Cameras




Now that you’re aware of the things you should know before you implement a CCTV camera solution in your business, it’s time for you to be acquainted with the best places to install these systems. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to design your CCTV camera system infrastructure accordingly and make the most out of it.

As mentioned, private places are out of the picture. But even so, you can still step up the safety and security of your business by placing CCTV camera systems in these places:

  1. Entrance and Exit Points

There’s no telling when trouble will knock on your door—that’s why it’s necessary to place CCTV camera systems in places where people can enter or exit your company. By doing this, you can keep track of the people that come and go on your business premises. This will help companies spot intruders that can cause trouble in your establishment. And as an added bonus, having a CCTV camera security system in your business’ entrance and exit points can also help discourage these criminals from entering your business site.

  1. Reception Area

In most businesses, the reception area is one of the places that get a lot of traffic. This is the first place where employees and outsiders set foot when they enter your business premises. And for that reason, it’s essential to have video surveillance cameras to cover this area. By doing that, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the employees and outsiders the moment they’re inside your business establishment. That said, installing a CCTV camera system in your company’s reception area can help you spot any form of malpractice and mischievous acts in the crowd.

  1. Work Stations

Aside from the entrance and exit points and the reception area of your business organization, it’s also recommended to place CCTV cameras in the actual office area. This is where business operations take place. So if installing a CCTV camera system in this area, you will be able to monitor your employees’ work habits and spot bullying or sexual harassment in your office. Furthermore, this can also encourage your employees to observe proper decorum and increase their productivity. Apart from that, this can also help you settle employee disputes when it arises.

  1. Office Supply and Storage Rooms

Every business organization has confidential data and office supplies to protect. That is why it’s critical to plant cameras in rooms where you store confidential data and office supplies. By installing a CCTV camera system in your data rooms, you will be able to keep track of the people that access the electronic or physical copies of your company’s sensitive documents. Moreover, when you install it in your office supply room, you’ll also be able to monitor your office’s provisions and make sure that no one is stealing them for their personal use.

  1. Customer Interaction Points

It is well established that CCTV security systems can enhance the safety of your business establishment. But as it does that, it also encourages employees to improve their work performance. Hence, if you put CCTV cameras in customer interaction points like cash registers and teller stations, you’ll be able to monitor how your employees treat your customers. Moreover, you can also use the footage captured in this camera to protect your customers or employees when false allegations arise.

  1. Warehouses

Another area in your company that needs to be monitored keenly is your warehouse. Company warehouses usually store inventory that’s worth millions. And for that reason, it needs to be protected from theft and other criminal activities at all times.

One way to ensure your inventory’s safety is by installing CCTV cameras inside and outside your warehouse. By doing that, you’ll be able to deter criminal activities and identify intruders easily when they break-in. In addition, it’s also important to make sure that your warehouse is well-lit all the time. That way you’ll be able to get clear video recordings and images from your CCTV cameras.

  1. Loading and Unloading Docks

Other than warehouses, loading and unloading docks are also well-known targets of robbery. That’s why it’s advised by experts to place a video surveillance system near these areas. By doing this, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your company’s deliveries and outgoing inventories. In addition to that, installing CCTV cameras in this area doesn’t just safeguard you from criminals, this also protects you from employees that give false compensation claims. That said, CCTV systems in loading and unloading docks can help organizations deter crimes and avoid losses.

  1. Secluded Areas

Oftentimes, the secluded areas in your companies are prone to violence and vandalism. In fact, there are have been cases when employees throw their stolen items in the dumpster and then retrieve them later when there’s no one around. That’s why it’s strategic to place CCTV camera systems in secluded places like parking lots, back alleys, and dumpsters. By doing this, criminals and mischievous employees will be forced to think twice before they commit crimes.

As crimes such as robbery became prevalent in the Philippines, the government compelled business establishments to install video surveillance cameras on their premises. By doing that, organizations were able to deter crimes in their vicinity and increase the security of their business sites. This has also aided business owners to boost the performance of their employees.

Without any doubt, the installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras is beneficial for businesses. But before you implement a video surveillance solution in your company, you have to make sure that you can maximize its potential.

Here are things you need to know before installing CCTV cameras in your business:

  1. Choose The Right Company to Provide CCTV Solutions

In order for you to enjoy the benefits of having CCTV surveillance cameras in your business site, you should see to it that your CCTV infrastructure is well-made, and the best way to achieve that is by seeking the help of experts. Don’t get ahead of yourself though—make sure that you choose managed IT services in the Philippines that deliver high-standard CCTV solutions. With their help, you’ll be able to get the assurance that you can get the best outcome from your business’ video surveillance infrastructure.

  1. Declare The Existence of CCTV Cameras

Although the law doesn’t mandate you to get permission from other people to install CCTV cameras on your property, it requires you to let them know that they’re being recorded. You can do this by placing multiple labels on your business site saying that the place is under the surveillance of a CCTV system. By doing that, you’ll be able to keep away from any legal issues and you can also amplify its capability to deter crimes on your business site.

  1. Get Permission from Relevant People

Unless you’re not the owner of the business property you’re using, you can legally install CCTV camera systems on your business site without asking permission from anyone. But even when it’s not legally required to get permission in order for you to implement a CCTV solution, it is a form of courtesy to the people in your vicinity—especially when you cover a portion of their building. You should see to it that they’re aware of the CCTV cameras’ existence and they’re comfortable with the angle that it’s capturing.

  1. Pick The Right CCTV System

It is a common misconception among people that all CCTV camera systems are the same and any system will meet their business’ security needs. Many are unaware that there are different types of CCTV systems available in the market and they are used to offer different types of video surveillance solutions. In fact, there are specific cameras that are designed for home use and there are others that are made to meet business requirements. That said, it’s important to pick the right CCTV system that will work best for your company.

If you’re unsure what type of CCTV system your business needs, then seek the guidance of experts. With their help, you’ll be able to choose the system that can help enhance your business establishment’s security.

  1. Waterproof CCTV to Protect It from Wet Weather Conditions

Outdoor cameras are necessary if you want to maximize the security that CCTV systems provide. But it’s important to take into account that the cameras outside your business establishment are susceptible to wet weather conditions. These conditions can interrupt the footage and the images your outdoor CCTV cameras are getting. The popularity of waterproof CCTV cameras increased in the business world. With its help, business organizations are able to record properly even in extreme weather conditions.

  1. Never Install A CCTV System in A Private Place

When you install a CCTV system on your business site, it’s important to take note that it is illegal to install cameras in private areas such as bathrooms, changing rooms, etc. Installing video surveillance cameras in these private places is a criminal offense and you can face serious legal issues if you violate this law. Be mindful of where you install your CCTV camera systems. If it’s necessary to ensure the security of these areas, then assign someone to physically monitor the area. That way you can get peace of mind without violating laws.