Benefits Of Playing Video Games

Reasons To Start Playing: Benefits Of Playing Video Games



We’re already about to end the 2010s; but, there are still some negative impressions associated with video games. These impressions have been there since video games themselves were created for more than 40 years. And, that has yet to disappear. Though gaming in the modern era is more parallel to interactive movies as compared to our side-scrollers and shooters from the 80s and 90s, plebs who aren’t into them still think of video games as nothing more than a way to procrastinate.

Recently though, through the advances of game development and professional IT services, the gaming industry evolves – growing stronger each year. Now, we can play video games on our computers and mobile devices and not just on consoles. We have also learned that video games have their benefits. Check these out:

Video Games Help Boost Your Memory

More and more research proves that playing video games helps improve memory. Though it’s not really clear how or why playing LOL or DOTA may help your brain, scientists are very excited about how their findings can be used to treat individuals who have memory issues.

Video Games Improve Coordination

Playing games help develop your hand-eye coordination. In fact, these games are now being used to train people who need precision in their jobs like surgeons, as they need the accuracy to perform intricate tasks in extremely limited spaces. The link between video games and motor skills has been identified for quite some time. But, recent studies are showing more dramatic findings as games evolve. First-person shooters, known for their fast-paced nature, have been discovered to improve motor skills and help people make fast decisions.

Video Games Help Nourish Cognitive Health

As mentioned above, video games may help with memory. But, they can also help in improving cognitive wellness at the same time. Simply put, by indulging in your favorite game, you can also improve your focus, attention, and how you perceive things while making fast and crucial decisions at the same time.

Stress and Depression Reliever

Nothing alleviates stress better than beating the hell out of your opponents in Tekken. And, there are a lot of findings now that points to a connection between video games and declining levels of stress – even how it helps alleviate depression.

Based on studies, gaming distracts your mind while not bombarding you with the stress and disappointments the real world throws at you. Playing Plants Vs. Zombies, for example, is a fun and relaxing game to suit different personalities. Games also help lonely people interact with others.

Helps You Become a Decision Maker

Decision-making skills may be sharpened by playing video games. Many games offer dilemmas and moral puzzles that let you do virtual life or death decisions, which may affect the outcome of your game. Others, like role-playing games, require a high level of critical thinking on your part. Even simple games like Super Mario or Pac-Man require you to create a strategy to win. These decision-making skills may be reflected in how you deal with choices – whether in the corporate world or in everyday life.