Ransomware Outbreak

Ransomware Outbreak: What Makes It Successful?




Ever since the first ransomware attack that took place in 1989, cybercriminals all over the world continuously improved this malware and made use of it to exploit computer vulnerabilities. They have encrypted countless files and demanded ransom payments in different amounts from their victims. And up to this day, ransomware remains a threat to end-users, especially to those who are business owners. In a study made by Sophos, they found out that 54% of the 2,700 businesses they surveyed were hit by ransomware. And, even with updated antivirus programs, 77% of them were still vulnerable to this malware.

Whether large or small, companies usually have managed IT services in the Philippines that provide IT security services. But why is it that a lot of businesses are still vulnerable to ransomware attacks? Here’s why:

Continuous Evolution of Ransomware

The first ransomware that was released to infect computer systems wasn’t as threatening as it is today. But, as the years progressed, ransomware persistently evolved and became more sophisticated than before. There is even ready-made Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) programs available on the Dark Web that are within the grasp of cybercriminals. Because of the RaaS made available to these criminals, it became easier for them to initiate ransomware attacks. Even those who are not that skilled in handling technology can successfully complete a ransomware attack and benefit from it. That being said, the success rate of this malware attack skyrocketed because of the cybercriminals’ efforts to enhance it.

Unpatched Security Holes

One of the reasons why ransomware attacks are successful these days is because of the unpatched security holes within business establishments. When you lack awareness about these security threats, you tend to overlook the importance of cybersecurity. That being said, it is important to learn about the different cyber security threats, such as ransomware, and take countermeasures to protect your business. So educate yourself and your employees about online threats, update your computer systems and software applications, and implement security systems to fend off these threats. Moreover, it would also help if you have a backup strategy for your company data.

Inadequate Ransomware Countermeasure

Alongside the development of advanced ransomware prevention technology is the evolution of this malware to exploit and avoid this protection. That being said, strengthening your cybersecurity is a never-ending effort for every individual. Make sure to acquire the technology made available in the market to combat the new trends and techniques of ransomware. You can also make use of IT consulting services to keep you updated about the new malware countermeasure innovations that are available in the market. Aside from the defensive measures, IT specialists from managed services can also help you get through any cybersecurity attack with minimal damage or no damage at all.

Together with the technological advancements that people enjoy is the outbreak of online security threats worldwide. And for that reason, it is essential to boost your business's cybersecurity. Turn to IT service providers like House of I.T to apply defensive measures that could make you combat-ready in the event of a ransomware attack.