Facebook Safety Tools

Pinoy IT Services And Content Creators Hold Seminar On Facebook Safety Tools



With Social Media content managers serving the social media frontline these days in Facebook, the social networking giant has urged those working in the fields of social media, media, and IT to use tools available in the online platform to make themselves safe and secure.

At a recent workshop conducted for local journalists, social media professionals, and IT personnel, Facebook Asia Pacific director of safety Mia Garlick said the Internet titan has a “Safety Center” where various tools for safety are available in more than 50 languages, including Filipino.

Stay in control and be safe

Facebook has 54 million users in the Philippines alone, which is more than half of the country’s population at 102 million as of November 2016.

Aside from being “mobile-friendly,” the Safety Center also has step-by-step videos designed “to help users stay in control and feel safe being themselves.”

The Facebook rep said it has been introducing innovations on the site such as new resources and tips for safe and secure sharing.

“We are really excited and humbled to see the way in which people here in the Philippines are using Facebook,” Garlick stated.

Facebook should remain a safe platform

“We’ve seen through the launch of Free Basics, we’ve seen people able to connect for the first time and undertake training and learning, and we’ve seen small business, too, able to grow their business on the platform,” Garlick added.

Garlick said Facebook launched the center to help make the online platform a safe and positive environment for engagement for relatives, friends, and everyone who is engaged in the community.

“We want people to have a safe and positive experience on the platform. We want people to know the policies that govern content-sharing and also what tools are available to help them create a safe space and a positive experience on the platform,” she stated.

The executive said the Safety Center would be updated soon to beef up the current set of videos, which have been seen about 1.6 million times.

Facebook also Battles Cyberbullies

The Safety Center also houses Facebook’s Bullying Prevention Hub, which serves as a resource for teens, parents, and educators seeking guidance on how to prevent and address bullying, both offline and online.

Facebook has 60 partners across the world to make the hub, developed with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence in 2013, more widely available.

The social media giant said that while the controls and technology are powerful, people can only benefit if they know how to access and use them.

We may hardly know it, but Facebook said its powerful technology is on the lookout to catch threats and remove them before they ever reach the community members.

“Before anything such as a status update or a photo loads on Facebook, it runs a privacy check to makes sure people are allowed to see or be part of the audience for that object. Facebook completes around 80 trillion privacy checks each day. At peak, that’s about 70 billion per minute,” the online site said.

At the seminar and talk, which was held at a hotel in Makati City, Facebook also provided participants with some materials they may use to understand social media safety more such as “Making Your Space: Facebook Rules, Tools and & Tips,” “Safety at Facebook,” and “Facebook Guide for Journalists.”