Intelligent Machines

Intelligent Machines: Gift Or Potential Threat?


Fear of AI is just overhyped. The Philippines’ Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) together with House of I.T, is already in the process of integrating and building an AI-Enabled Workforce.

To reduce the risks and expand the advantages of AI, you should set yourself up for more developments and advancements. Along these lines, before you raise your white flag to the threats, it’s your obligation to learn and utilize its benefits on work and the economy.

Below are the hidden benefits and advantages of AI in the industry.

AI Impact on Energy Efficiency

AI is an advantage to society since machines can end up more brilliant after some time and increment efficiencies. From an energy viewpoint, AI can be utilized to break down and research authentic data to decide how to most productively distribute energy loads from a grid point of view.

AI Helps Build a Better Society

The founder of Kaizen, S. Aneja, advised during the recent ADB Forum that AI should be seen as something that can create a better society. Things are only unclear for now because people don’t understand this new technology just yet.

The IT expert mentioned in his talk that we are approaching the new industrial revolution where different technologies that exist simultaneously are now easy to access, more affordable, and more likely to affect our lives.

AI Re-Energizes Human

Nearly 70 years ago, AI was already around. However, AI 70 years ago is not as artificially intelligent as today. The main reason why AI existed is to make human processes easier and more efficient. Improving society and leading people to more Tech advancements is already programmed under AI Technology.

Decision and Skill Augmentation

Instead of wrecking the workforce with automation, this will really empower currently minimized demographics to take an interest in the workforce. This will empower monetary versatility for battling populations and increment the aggregate profitability of the workforce.

AI Generates Jobs

According to Aneja, the new technology – if used wisely – could offer new jobs to Filipinos. But if seen as a threat and ignored, AI could take over, which could lead to a significant loss of jobs.

AI may be likened to a digital Frankenstein at the moment, owing to the fact that the role it plays in the industry has not yet been fully defined. It’s no surprise that people see it as a threat. Aneja, however, clarified that the use of AI is not to replace human capabilities but to increase and enhance its potential.

In the long run, the amount of replacement may eventually be so small it won’t make much of an impact anymore, at least, in BPOs and Managed IT Services. What remains certain though is that AI will result in better quality service, lower budget costs, and competent staff working hand-in-hand with AI.

AI Technology is not scary at all. If you just try to look at the other side of the mirror, you can find the pool of advantages that we could take from this Technology.