Tailgating Inside Your Business Premises

How To Stop Tailgating Inside Your Business Premise







How To Stop Tailgaters from getting Inside Your Business Premises

Although opening a door and holding a door for someone may seem like a common courtesy, it is a security threat for technology-driven businesses. The use of fingerprint attendance systems is prevalent across business organizations. One of the recurring problems that are plaguing the business world these days is the risks that come with tailgating or unauthorized entry.

How do you avoid these risks from reoccurring? Before delving into that, let’s understand tailgating at a deeper level.

What Is Tailgating?

It happens when a person without an access key walks behind an employee that’s using a key to enter a security door. One of the common reasons that this takes place is the culture where it’s polite to hold the door for others.

At present, tailgating is considered by top IT companies in the Philippines as one of the innocent breaches occurring every day—but is the primary cause of undocumented and unauthorized access within business premises that often leads to damaging security breaches.

So the question is, how do we avoid the risks that come with this deep-rooted bad practice?

How Do You Eliminate Tailgating Risks in your Building?


Here are a few of the common methods:

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to boost your company’s physical and information security in no time. Furthermore, this will also enable you to set apart your business from the ones that have been plagued by tailgating risks today.

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  1. Create a Comprehensive Security Plan

The best way to prevent the occurrence of unauthorized and undocumented entry into your building is through the development of a security plan that works well for your business. It’s important that you do this proactively to inculcate flexibility in your business plans.

Once you come up with a comprehensive security plan, the elimination of tailgating risks will come easily within your organization. This will also help you stay flexible and adaptable to the company budget.

  1. Educate Employees About Security Protocols

Apart from developing a comprehensive security plan, it’s necessary that you make your employees understand the importance of following security protocols. Most security breaches happen because of little awareness or the lack of it. Educate your employees about how your security system works and how it should be utilized. Foster a safekeeping culture within your business premises through this practice.

To accomplish this easily, it’s ideal that you provide your employees with safety seminars and training to effectively acquaint them with the good security practices to abide.

  1. Customize The Access Rights of Every Employee

Access control systems can boost your business’ physical and information security. Regardless, it can still be breached if everyone in your building can access everything. That’s why it’s recommended by experts that organizations set up a hierarchy of users and customize their access rights accordingly. If a particular group has no reason to access a certain premise, you can take comfort in the thought that only those with a purpose known to you can access it. This practice can also help your organization’s security personnel to identify and flag down unauthorized people.

  1. Outsource your Company’s IT Security

If you want to eliminate the prevalent risks that come with tailgating, it is advised by IT professionals that you outsource your information technology’s security. By doing this, experts from IT service providers will serve as the gatekeepers of your organization.

Outsourcing your IT security will help you get the assurance that your organization’s physical and data security is in good hands. Their expertise and knowledge in the field of IT can help you implement the rules and regulations necessary to prevent tailgating risks from happening. This move can also help you ensure your company’s safety and security as you focus on your business progress. Turn to managed IT service providers like House of IT for your company’s safety and security.

Why Utilize Access Control Systems in your Office?

In spite of the security threats that can arise when not utilized properly, there’s a reason why experts push the business industry to integrate access control systems in their business premises.




It Reduces Overall Cost

It’s common to find security officers assigned at controlled entrances in an enterprise environment. Generally, this is done to help business owners get the peace of mind that their office is safe from security threats. When you install access control systems within the premise, you take off the need to hire security officers to guard these areas. Reducing business staffing needs means reducing overall costs with ease.

  1. It is Environmental Friendly

Secured doors are designed to stay closed unless triggered to open. This attribute has helped numerous organizations maintain the air quality and temperature inside the building. This technology can reduce a building’s energy consumption when it comes to heating and cooling. Access control systems can protect your business while preserving the environment.

  1. It Simplifies Personnel Management

Other than boosting your company security, access control systems can also help you manage the time and attendance of your employees. Several business owners were enticed to make use of fingerprint attendance systems for effective personnel management.

This technology can also be used to detect unusual activities within your building. Management is notified when employees enter an area where they have no reason to be there. Some use this to flag the people who leave the facility multiple times during office hours.

  1. It Aids in Risk Reduction

There are numerous IT security solutions available in the market at present. Although this is the case, a big fraction of these security technologies only work on an after-the-fact forensic level. Because of this, modernized access control systems eventually stood out in the long list of security solutions in the business world. Unlike the others, these security systems have helped companies fend off security threats at a proactive and preventive level. That said, it is undeniable that this technology is a great security solution to detect and prevent unauthorized access from happening.

  1. It Gives Your Building a Professional Appearance

When it comes to business premises, the first thing that visitors see is the main entrances and lobby areas. For this reason, these places often create a strong first impression on them when they first set foot on any business organization. With the help of access control systems, you’ll be able to give your building a professional appearance.  Alongside that, this technology can also help your organization gain the confidence that your building is safe and secure from security threats.

  1. It Eliminates the Necessity to Change Locks Frequently

One of the prevalent problems of the traditional lock and key access control system is the risk of unauthorized key duplications. Because of this, it became a standard back then to change locks from time to time. When the advent of electronic locks and biometric access control systems came, this issue was instantaneously eliminated. For instance, if your employees lose their access card or key fob, you can easily manage your access control system and deactivate it to eliminate the threat that it brings. Aside from that, this system also allows its users to get a new access control device replacement when necessary.

Once you mitigate the tailgating risks that come with access control systems, you’ll be able to maximize this technology’s potential. With the benefits that you can get from this innovation, you’re guaranteed to have the return of investment you want when you install this security system in your business. All you have to do to achieve this is to look for the right IT service provider to assist you in this matter. With the expertise of IT specialists, you can acquire the access control system that will fit your business needs. They will also give you the assistance that you need to make the most of the technology. Contact House of IT now to ensure your business’ IT security is in good hands.