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Maximizing Access Control Systems

How To Maximize The Use Of Your Access Control System





Getting the Most Out Of Your Access Control System

As the need to ensure physical security increases in businesses and enterprises, it’s only expected for companies to stretch the use of their security assets as much as they can. To be particular, the access control system. Access control systems are electronic systems designed to control via network who should be granted access to a premise through fingerprint or palm scanning to authenticate the person’s identity. Regardless, the question boils down to how knowledgeable are business leaders about this technology? First off, let’s identify if you’re underutilizing your access control system or not.

How to Diagnose an Underutilized Access Control System

Access control systems like biometric machines can be a costly investment for businessmen. But once you do it right, you get your money’s worth in the long run.

Many companies underutilize the access control solution they implement in their business sites. More often than not, the underutilization of access control features is rooted in the business owners’ lack of knowledge in what they are paying for. Aside from that, there are also some cases where this dilemma is caused by their refusal to pay for the integration of the systems they own. Whatever the reason is, you should change your ways to make the most of this technology.

What are the Features that are Often Underutilized?

With today’s technological advancements, access control systems now offer numerous advanced features for their users. This is the exact reason that more and more companies turn to top IT companies in the Philippines for the installation of these systems. Although this is true, not everyone knows how to make the most of it. That’s why it’s vital that you’re well-informed about the features and capabilities of your access control system.

So what are the different features that are often underutilized by organizations? Avoid the common underutilization mistakes that business owners usually make.

  • Sound Files

One common scenario that system operators and guards encounter while monitoring access control systems is the pop-up of a false positive alarm indicator. This scenario happens so frequently that the staff behind the monitor screens are now desensitized to these alarms. In order to address this issue, access control manufacturers developed high-end systems that have the capacity to incorporate sound (.wav) files.

Although manufacturers created this feature for this purpose, not all end-users make use of them. More often than not, they’re unaware that this feature can allow them to set a more distinctive tone or an actual voice message for serious and high-priority alarms. Hence, the access control system sound file became one of the most underutilized features available.


“..this access control feature enables users to make use of dynamic color graphics and fully scalable alarm presentations that have automatic zoom features.”


  • Graphical Floor Maps

According to IT professionals from reputed managed IT service providers, one of the most underutilized useful access control features is the interactive graphical map. Although access control manufacturers usually charge extra for this feature, there are some high-end systems at present that include the graphical maps in the base price.

With the aid of this technology, system operators gain the capacity to take full functional control of the entire building’s access control system. As a matter of fact, this access control feature enables users to make use of dynamic color graphics and fully scalable alarm presentations that have automatic zoom features. Apart from that, this technology also allows these professionals to precisely locate, acknowledge, and clear the alarms that are set off.

  • Definable Event and Alarm Colors

Another access control feature that’s commonly underutilized across business organizations today is the event and alarm colors. Undeniably, the identification of alarm levels can be a tedious task at times, especially when you receive a lot of them daily. But with the guidance of the color-coding that this feature provides, you’ll be able to identify whether an event and alarm are urgent or not in just one glance. That said, it is a great feature to use to manage and identify the urgency of events and alarms easily.

  • System Management and Reporting Features

If you ask experts, they will attest to you that many of the best access control systems at present are designed to have a powerful array of system management and reporting features. With its help, organizations acquire the privilege to stay updated about the activities happening within their building’s access control systems. But even though this is the case, there are still a lot of these features that often go unused. Most often than not, organizations only run this feature when they’re mandated to do so. Because of this, system and management reporting features became a part of the list of underutilized access control features.


Every business owner wants to maximize the benefits they reap from the technologies they invest in. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the different ways you can make the most of your access control features. According to experts, there are several methods you can apply to accomplish this aim. To name a few, here are some of the common ways that IT professionals find effective:

  • Purchase The Right Number of Client Licenses

Access control systems require one-time licensing fees to pay for the workstation licenses that are controlled by the server. These fees are often referred to by experts as client licenses or seats.

One common mistake that end-users do is paying for too many seats. Oftentimes, they are unaware that the software can be shared by more than one user. For this reason, these organizations experience a higher total cost for their operations as they make use of their systems.

When you purchase the right number of client licenses according to your business needs, it is guaranteed that your company will be cost-efficient in this aspect. With that said, it is clearly a great way to make the most of your resources.

  • Turn to Reputed IT Security Consultants to Get Accurate Advice

Apart from purchasing the right number of client licenses, another way that you can maximize your system is by seeking the help of experts from top IT companies in the Philippines. Many companies at present underutilize their access control system because of inaccurate advice from uncompetitive IT professionals. That’s why it’s important to be cautious in choosing the IT service provider that you trust when it comes to your access control systems. With the help of professionals from reputable IT solution companies like House of IT, you’ll be able to get the system that will fit your business needs. Evidently, their expertise in the field of information technology will surely help your company get the most of the solutions that you invest in.

  • Educate Yourself About Different Access Control System Features

As discussed earlier, poor knowledge regarding access control features is one of the main reasons why this technology is often underutilized by organizations. Every day, new technologies sprout up and revolutionize the business world. That’s why it’s critical for business owners to keep themselves educated about the different access control system trends and features available in the market.

One way that you can educate yourself effectively is by contacting the integrator that installed your system. With their expertise, they’ll be able to enlighten you on the things you should know about your system’s features. Once you’re well aware of the features offered by IT service providers, you will be able to choose the access control system that will work best for your company. Furthermore, you will also gain the capacity to make the most of the benefits that technology offers.  

  • Maximize The Technology’s Value Through System Integration

Over the past few years, manufacturers all over the world developed various systems in order to make business operations more convenient. Because of that continuous innovation, access control systems now have sub-systems you can integrate to improve the benefits it gives to organizations. One example of these sub-systems is the video systems. When you integrate video systems with access control, you will gain the capacity to manage the two systems in one graphical user interface. With that said, business owners enable themselves to maximize their technology’s value by spending on system integrations.

It is well-known across business organizations that access control systems offer numerous advantages to their users. But in order for you to enjoy these benefits in their full capacity, you have to make sure that you’re utilizing its features well. With the expertise and dedication of IT professionals from House of I.T, you’ll be able to achieve this goal easily. Furthermore, their IT experts’ good customer service can also give you the assurance that your company’s best interest is at heart. Contact House of I.T for the installation of your business establishment’s access control system now.