Augmented Reality

How Augmented Reality Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy


In the past few years, digital marketing has steadily evolved into what might be considered a major paradigm shift: companies have changed their marketing and advertising campaigns to focus on digital media experiences, in addition to physical advertising.

The use of content marketing, as well as web-based and social media platforms are the norms today. These tools have started taking over traditional ones, such as billboards and brochures. Lately, because of augmented reality (AR) technology, we’re ushering in an era where marketing and IT services can totally alter our physical and digital marketing experiences.

Merging Both Physical and Virtual Experiences

The way to achieve successful AR marketing involves distorting the boundaries between physical and virtual experiences. Virtual marketing is convenient, fast, and technologically impressive; however, it’s also fairly detached and challenging to connect with.

Physical marketing, on the other hand, may be immersive, fun, and memorable; but, it doesn’t have the convenience and efficiency of digital technology. Your mission, when you go overboard to market with AR technology, should be to maximize on all these factors and make up for the shortcomings of both sides.

Augmented Reality Makes Your Products Scannable

Most businesses and shops are already using barcode scanning systems to keep track of their inventory. Scannable AR items work in a somewhat similar manner; however, it has more of the consumer in mind. This approach enables customers to scan your products in the shop, which would help them to get more information about what they’re trying to purchase, or possibly engage with them through other methods. An example would be taking a picture of a given product, which allows them to pull up customer reviews or purchase items directly through their smartphones.

Tap Augmented Reality Apps That Exist

Another advantage is being able to market your brand directly using popular AR apps. Rather than building your own AR technology, which could be quite expensive, you’ll piggyback on trending apps to draw in AR fans as prospective clients. You could create promos to users of an AR app and make your store a hot spot for an AR game that attracts new clients.

Provide Prospective Clients an In-Store Experience

Another benefit of AR apps is that it provides your customers with a more engaging in-store experience. You can provide your clients access to maps and directions on how to navigate within your physical store. You could also make your business more digitally engaging with “life hacks” or promos that appear as your clients explore your physical store.

Nowadays, AR is still in its baby stage of development; but, you can start reaping its benefits today. You can develop your own app, capitalize on the power of apps that already exist, or just harness technology that is available publicly. If you can give your clientele a more immersive, impressive customer experience, you should be able to get something back in terms of acquiring customers, as well as retention.

Stay ahead of the race using this strategy early by giving your users something they need instead of cheap gimmicks.