Hot IT Skills

Hot IT Skills Employers Are Looking For


Trying to land a new job in Professional IT Services? Recruiters for IT services in the Philippines are always looking for highly qualified candidates with the one-two punch of being tech savvy and field experience to give their companies that leading edge. But, all IT skills are not created equal.

Here in House Of I.T, we check thousands of public social profiles to see which IT skills are most likely to result in you landing that job or getting that desired promotion. Based on our research, we’ll show you which IT skills are sought after for the 2017 job market. So without further ado, here you go!

Cloud Services

This important skill revolves around cloud computing. It gives companies shared computing power, as well as services and infrastructure on-demand. These enable them to build and maintain cloud-based apps that can be used quickly and scaled flexibly.


All websites and most apps use HTML to create the content within each site. This is a required skill for doing everything that is web-related or requires web-formatted information. The latest version is HTML5.


This is a general-purpose, top-level programming language that was created with as few implementation dependencies as needed. It has always been one of the most used languages in digital marketing and back-end business apps, as well as the backbone of most Android apps.


Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language that was launched way back in 1991. Python has turned into a core language for data science and is still a mainstay for back-end web app development.


This Unix-like computer OS is created as a model of free and open-source software and app development is the OS of choice for programmers and open-source engineers. Now, Linux serves as the foundation of the majority of the top 100 websites.


The high-level, flexibility of most commonly used websites is based on the interactivity made possible by numerous lines of JavaScript created each day than most of the top languages like Java or Python.


The domain-specific programming language necessity is used for storing and retrieving data in an app. Structured Query Language or SQL is the main foundation of the relational database systems (RDBS) that almost all applications rely on.


This veteran math manipulation language, which can be traced as far back as the 80s, is devoted to applied mathematics and frequently sees service in science and engineering. With big data taking the lead these days, it’s not even surprising that Matlab is making a comeback.


Perl is a stable and highly efficient scripting and data extraction language. Perl’s current popularity and importance in legacy web code is the reason why learning how to use it gives you an edge.


This new and upcoming language that’s less than a decade old was created by Google. It has a good reputation for its impressive speed and low latency. Because of these attributes, it’s ideal for use in networking and web servers, stand-alone command-line applications, as well as in scripts.