Why Your Businesses Should Use Licensed Software

Here’s Why Your Businesses Should Use Licensed Software



Business operations nowadays utilize several kinds of computer software in order to carry out their services effectively and efficiently. This is because of the different functionalities that software developers incorporate into their craft. One example of software that’s commonly used by companies is Microsoft Office 365 for Business. By utilizing this software, companies would be able to access office applications and other services that enhance productivity.

Software applications definitely help businesses to operate smoothly. However, even when individuals are aware of the benefits they get from the software, they tend to overlook the importance of purchasing a licensed version of it. The utilization of unlicensed software may seem cost-efficient at first – but it may raise several problems for individuals, especially those who are running a business.

In addition, here are four reasons why it’s important for businesses to use licensed software.

It’s Illegal to Use Unlicensed Software

Every detail in software is designed carefully by software developers. They even optimize its usability and add improved features from time to time for the end-users’ benefit. Each software that we enjoy today is a result of a software developer’s hard work. That being said, when you use software that’s not legally licensed, you can be sued and fined for breaching the copyright law. And, it wouldn’t just cost you money – it could also taint the image of your company.

It Helps Businesses Save Money

Many individuals prefer to download pirated software because it’s free. But, it’s definitely a wrong mindset that you could save money when you use unlicensed software. Although it could help your company become cost-efficient at first, the fine you pay for breaching the copyright law will cost you more money than the licensed software itself. In order to avoid this liability, you could avail of a multiple-user license that allows you to install the software to multiple devices. Moreover, you could also utilize a site license that enables the people in your business premises to use the software.

Pirated Software Raises Your Vulnerability to Security Breaches

Although it’s easy to download pirated software these days, you’re never sure if it’s from a safe source. Cybercriminals could easily include malware to the file of the cracked software that you wish to download. And the malware you may get from these downloads can raise a lot of problems for your business, especially for your company data. That being said, you don’t just keep yourself safe from liabilities when you legally purchase software, you also protect yourself from security breaches.

It Makes You Entitled to Receive Tech Support When Needed

There is no such thing as perfect software. That being said, it’s normal if you eventually run into a problem in the software as you use it. One of the benefits you get if you purchase a software license is that you get to receive the IT helpdesk support you need when you have queries regarding the software or license. Aside from that, you could also let a specialist install your purchased software for you for your convenience.