Market Apps To Millennials

Got Apps? Here Are Ways To Market Them To Millennials



Nowadays, everyone seems to be focused on selling to Millenials. Whether it’s forcing consumer giants to change how they think to remedy falling sales of consumer apparel or inspiring advancements in industries, the young cannot be stopped in helping businesses evolve.

Noting that the millennials are a mobile-device-addicted generation, app marketers, too, are trying to grab the engagement of millennials so they’d buy the latest mobile apps. In this article, we’ll show you some ways app marketers can tap the attention of Millenials to make them look their way.

Offer Something Unique

There’s a story behind how Snapchat reached the success they now enjoy. Being the first of its kind in using a format where people can send pictures that will only last for a few moments, Snapchat grabbed the attention of millennials because of how it encourages engagement among users. The fleeting nature of the content also gives the Millenials a variety of options and makes them explore new types of engagement.

Other popular mobile apps like last year’s Pokemon Go shared unique traits that helped them become really successful. Trend-following apps like virtual versions of the fidget spinner are getting attention, as mundane as they may seem. The wisdom behind this concept is still quite debatable, but this is an example of how app developers are regularly trying to give their audience some sort of unique way of gratifying themselves.

Be aware of what makes your audience tick and offer unique, very entertaining content that can grab your users' attention, thus leading to your success in the app stores.

Create a Strategy for Social Media

This aspect shouldn’t even be surprising. Millennials are very social media savvy, and taking advantage of these mediums can help spread your brand’s message to your target audience. Keeping engagement of your target audience through the powers of a strong social media comm plan can help increase your app's organic reach.

The intelligent use of social media not only makes your millennial audience embrace your business but also has the potential to influence their fellow Millenials. Studies show that a huge percentage of millennials post their online shopping content on their social media pages, creating click backs. It’s a great opportunity to tap organic users by being voluntary brand ambassadors on social media by word-of-mouth alone.

Take Care of Tech Problems

App engagement can decrease for a number of factors: non-user friendly experiences, dragging load time, long onboarding, and even complicated processes… these factors get your users irate. To make sure that your visitors stay with the app consider getting the help of professional IT services to smooth out the pain points in your app. Give the audience the things they want such as speed, efficiency, and convenience.

Be More Creative and Use Fun Ways to Approach Your Clients

Learn how to write better copy and push notifications and play with new concepts, such as utilizing emojis. By doing so, you can actually boost engagement by almost 90%.