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Things You Should Know About The 2018 National ID System

Five Things You Should Know About The 2018 National ID System


Five Things You Should Know About The 2018 National ID System

On August 6th, President Rodrigo Duterte has signed into law the Philippine Identification System Act. This law will establish a single ID card that can be utilized as proof of identification for all transactions in the country.

This card will be called PhilSys or the Philippines ID System – promised to make better and faster public and private transactions, minimize criminality, and provide total financial inclusion to the poor.

Today, House of I.T has gathered the 5 things you should know about the Philippine National ID System.

Information that will be Stored

The same as the ordinary ID, this card will also obtain a person’s basic information, such as:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Blood Type
  • Citizenship

Additionally, biometric information such as facial photographs, a full set of fingerprints, and iris scans are also expected to be included in the PhilSys ID.

No Need to Carry a Number of “Valid IDs”

PhilSys ID will eliminate the hassle of bringing a bulk of valid IDs. With a single card, you can have access to all private and public transactions. Authentication and verification will be done automatically and incorporated with the implementation of PhilSys.

Additionally, according to the bill author and sponsor Sen. Panfilo Lacson, even if you forgot or misplaced your card, if you have your Philippine ID System Number or PSN in mind, you can still transact business.

Prevent Identity Theft

Your PhilSys ID will have a built-in smart chip that obtains unique information about your biometrics, facial recognition data, iris scan, and other verification features.

Your ID is valid only for you. The technology behind it will ensure that it cannot be copied or used by other users.

With this unique and secure ID card, identity theft, especially in banking and the availing of credit products, will be mitigated.

Multi-functional ID System

This ID is not only intended for serving a fool-proof identity verification; it can also be used in the application of other government-initiated benefits such as:

  • PhilHealth
  • Pag-big
  • SSS
  • Passport ID
  • Voter’s Registration ID
  • TIN (Tax Identification Number)
  • Driver’s License
  • Admission to a public hospital
  • Admission to a public and private school
  • Bank Transactions

With this single ID, you can now avail of the full benefits offered by the government and use it in your day-to-day transactions.

Affordable ID System for All Filipinos

According to Senator Lacson, the first issuance and the renewal of the PhilSys ID will be free.

This will especially benefit the poor folk who doesn’t have government-issued IDs such as SSS numbers, passport ID, driver’s license to use in government agencies transactions.

With this ID, there would be an equal and fair opportunity that will be given to every kind of Filipinos without financial exclusion.


PhilSys or the Philippine ID System is clearly beneficial – boosting our daily transactions and giving equal opportunity to the poor.

Yet, there are still challenges needed to be overcome in order to purify and bring out its authenticity and reliability. Therefore, you, as the future user, must keep your eyes open for this government endeavor.