Five In-Demand Tech Positions That Are Difficult To Fill In

Five In-Demand Tech Positions That Are Difficult To Fill In


As time goes on, more and more companies turn to House of I.T to address their information technology needs. With their help, IT professionals can cost-efficiently manage their IT infrastructure and end-user systems, along with the other IT services that they provide. But, along with this existing demand, there is a tech talent shortage, which managed service providers are facing.

Even when companies are already offering attractive salaries and benefits, here are five in-demand tech positions that employers are having a hard time filling in.

Computer Software Developers

The existence of software has helped numerous companies to address different business needs. Through computer software programs, many tasks can now be accomplished in a more efficient and effective manner. These helpful computer software programs were carefully designed and developed by software developers. Many businesses are looking for tech professionals who can develop and design software solutions and fix bugs. However, even with the prevailing need for software developers, employers are still having a hard time filling this position.

Business Intelligence and Data Analysts

At present, companies make use of business intelligence and data to help them progress in the business world. With its help, business owners can now come up with well-informed strategies and make wise business decisions. However, there are only a few people who know how to gather, process and analyze these data. Because of this problem, many employers find it challenging to hire business intelligence and data analysts.

IT Security Professionals

Every business is vulnerable to cybersecurity threats – even the small ones. In fact, 43% of these cyber-attacks are targeted at small and medium businesses. That is why there is a need for every company – regardless of size – to avail of IT security services from managed service providers like House of IT. The occurrence of security breaches is increasing over the years. Because of that, the demand for IT professionals with security experience is increasing in number as well. Unfortunately, there is also an existing talent shortage in this area.

DevOps Engineers

The relationship between software development and software operation has been agile over the years. But, because of DevOps’ goals to unite these two business units, they are now able to communicate and collaborate better. Furthermore, DevOps make use of traditional software development and infrastructure management processes to evolve and improve products faster. And the DevOps engineers behind this software engineering culture and practice have definitely helped in improving productivity and boosting a business’ ability to deliver services at a faster pace. But even so, it is still difficult for employers to fill in this position.

Cloud Computing Specialists

Cloud computing services from companies such as House of I.T have helped many companies to cost-effectively maximize the efficiency of the information technology they utilize. With the help of cloud solutions, it is now possible for businesses to conveniently store, manage, and process data in the cloud. Because of that, cloud solutions platforms became popular in the business world. Although that is true, cloud service providers are still having a hard time looking for talents with experience in delivering, managing, and troubleshooting cloud services.