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Filipinos Spend The Most Time Online In Southeast Asia

Filipinos Spend The Most Time Online In Southeast Asia



New research from IT services in the Philippines reveals that we, Filipinos, spend the most time online as compared to our Southeast Asian neighbors. The research also finds that we are the most tolerant when it comes to slow Internet speed.

Are We Just Used to Really Slow Internet?

The research, which was released in late May, showed that the Philippines currently holds the record for the slowest Internet speed in the Asia Pacific!

Based on additional studies, it has been discovered that the majority of Internet users in other SEA regions will leave a website if the experience is slow. However, Filipinos have grown more tolerant of this issue.

The latest studies show that nearly 50% of adult consumers in the SEA Region are online 16 hours or more each week, even out of work. And, they look forward to speed and excellent website performance – with a higher expectation when it comes to e-commerce.

The people surveyed mentioned that they’re more likely to purchase or suggest a brand to a friend if they have a good experience on the website. And, on the negative, they’ll leave and go to another brand if the experience is not up to par.

The time Southeast Asians spend online vary by country and generation. People in the Philippines spend the longest Internet hours while our Malaysian neighbors fall in second place.

The least online, surprisingly, are those from Singapore. In Thailand, the millennial demographic is the least online, with only 34% spending 16 hours per week or more, as compared to 42% from other demographics.

The difference is even larger in the Philippines, where almost 40% of millennials use the Internet in contrast to the 59% from other age groups.

Studies also pointed out that smartphones are the preferred device for Internet browsing in Southeast Asia. Another important point to consider is the majority of consumers want fast performance of websites even on mobile devices.

While behavior throughout the region may be considered consistent, some points to consider in regional differences were seen. Personalized Web experiences are considered a crucial factor in all countries, except for Singapore.

The report clearly shows the need for organizations to focus on mobile optimization for a better online experience. They also need to understand the needs of consumers from each country instead of implementing identical styles for different areas. Plus, they also need to provide faster website performance for the consumers.

Here Are Some Highlights Based on the Report:

  • Internet speed affects e-commerce sales. Close to 43% of the people we surveyed will leave a website and choose a competitor’s site if a webpage load slowly.
  • Websites must have fast load speeds even on mobile devices. Close to 85% of respondents say they need equally fast load times on their smartphones.
  • Content is still king of the game and social media pages are the most visited online sites in the region.
  • Southeast Asians want their web experience to be personalized. About 67% of people surveyed prefer sites that remember them and give recommendations based on their algorithms.