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Transfer From IOS To Android

Easy Ways To Transfer From IOS To Android


Great news if you have started investing in Google apps on your iPhone! Now you can transfer to Android in a couple of hours and spend the night doing the things you enjoy the most. If not, then prepare to waste some time migrating.

For IT services people whose lives revolve around Gmail or Google Calendar for iOS, you can just dump those apps on your Android phone, sign in using your Google account, and go on with life. The same is also true with Google Drive and Google Photos.

If you’re planning to make the big switch from iOS to Android sooner or later or have to switch mobile OSes regularly, then Google is making the job way easier for you folks.

Here are some tips on how to move from iOS to Android.



For your emails Apple is also IMAP compatible; so you can continue reading emails via Gmail on Android if you’re not starting anew and changing your old email ad completely. Touch the drop-down arrow on your “Gmail menu,” select “Add account,” and go through the configuration mechanics provided by Apple. The process is the same if you’re using other email applications on your Android phone, like say for example Outlook for your Microsoft. However, your email should be compatible with the popular IMAP regulations.

Contacts and Calendars

Once you’ve already installed the application on the iOS device, open the menu then click on the “Settings and Backup” options. Select the data you want to move across to the corresponding Google accounts, hit on “Start Backup” and you’re good to go – everything you’ve placed on iOS and iCloud gets transferred. Make sure that Wi-Fi is on and the iPhone is connected while you are turning things over. Also keep in mind, that it will overwrite all old backups.


Download the iOS version of Google Photos, back up your pictures, and then you’re good to go. You also have the option to pay Google for storage and keep the full resolution of your photos or store lots of your photos and videos – resized – for free.


All MP3s you downloaded to your iPhone from iTunes can be transferred to Google Play Music, or you can download the app called DoubleTwist, which is the perfect procedure to perform if you wish to continue using iTunes with your Android for your music. However, if you wish to play music on Spotify all you need is to download the app.

Games and Applications

Most of the applications you enjoy using on your iPhone will soon have an Android version. If we are going to talk about apps you have to purchase, you’re going to have to pay for them again. Sadly, though, programs like a subscription for Spotify can be accessed on both your Android and iOS devices.

It may be hard to believe if you’ve just read the article. But believe me, the shift from iOS to Android is a whole lot easier than it was before.