Choosing The Right Access Control System In The Philippines

Choosing The Right Access Control System In The Philippines




The ensured safety of company premises is one of the things that pave the way for business continuity. That’s why it’s essential for business owners to protect their business sites and the employees who work for them.

Over the years, access control systems have helped multiple businessmen to achieve the peace of mind they want as they run their companies. It has helped them control the people who can access the building and the company data stored in the area. At present, there are different types of access control systems that you can choose from to suit your business needs. Let’s get to know them better so that you can assess which type suits well for your company.

Types of Access Control Systems in The Philippines

Before you seek the help of professionals from reputed managed IT services in the Philippines, it’s important that you are acquainted with the different types of access control systems. That way you’ll be able to determine the right system for your company and understand the decisions of the experts you hire.

The access control systems that are prevalently used today come in three variations: Discretionary Access Control system, Mandatory Access Control system, and Role-Based Access Control system. And with their help, you might just get what you need to ensure the physical security of your business.

1. Discretionary Access Control (DAC) System

This access control system gives business owners the ability to choose the specific people that are allowed to enter a certain location in their business sites. And as it does that, the authorized personnel set by the owners are granted complete control over the things that they own and the programs associated with them. The Discretionary Access Control system is the least restrictive in all the systems available—and with this technology, end-users are given the capability to set the security settings for the other users.  

2. Mandatory Access Control (MAC) System

This type of access control system is prevalently used in business organizations that are required to ensure the confidentiality and classification of information they store. With Mandatory Access Control systems, business owners are restricted from changing the people that can access the unit or facility—all they are allowed to do is to manage the access controls. That said, this technology will strengthen your business establishment’s security by following the security guidelines on how to classify and label the end-users who access the system.

3. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) System

The Role-Based Access Control system is also known as the Rule-Based Access Control system. This access control system is the most in-demand access control system in the business world. By utilizing this, system administrators will have the power to grant access and privileges to individuals based on their job titles or roles within the organization. And this can help them eliminate the need for business owners to hire a security manager.

Best Practices in Using Access Control Systems

Apart from being acquainted with the types of access control systems available, it’s also every business owner’s responsibility to know about the best practices in using this technology. By doing that, they gain the capability to maximize the security systems that they are utilizing. Moreover, it also gives them the flexibility and adaptability to keep up with the access control system’s evolution for the coming years.

To delve into detail, here are the best practices you can apply as you make use of the access control system in your company:

1. Establish Multiple Layers of Physical Security

When you’re using access control systems in your company, one of the best practices you can follow is establishing multiple layers of physical security. And the multiple layers of security mentioned here don’t just cover the integration of various security technologies, it also refers to the need for multiple layers of access control systems.

It is a known fact that there is no perfect security device or system available today in the market that can provide full protection. That’s why it’s necessary to enhance the safety and security of your business site by making use of multiple layers of security. You can do this by combining biometrics, card readers, PIN pads, and other technologies that are used to authenticate each user. With this, companies will be able to detect and respond to incidents better and prevent future problems involving security.

2. Maximize Third-Party Integrations

The companies that make use of layered security solutions are the ones that ensure the security of their business premises and company data. Furthermore, its benefits can be maximized on another level with the help of third-party integrations. The access control systems at present are designed to complement different devices. And it can be used to enhance physical security information management solutions, video surveillance cameras, fire alarms, and intrusion alarms. That said, you’ll be able to make the most out of the access control system in your company if you maximize third-party integrations.

3. Train Employees Carefully

Regardless of your physical security level of security, humans tend to be the weakest link there is. It’s crucial to keep in mind that even the smallest error, haste, or malice can create a huge impact on your access control system’s security within a few seconds. That said, it’s needed to train employees carefully on how to use the system and the different policies that they should adhere to. By doing this, business owners are able to maximize security features and make use of advanced features that only a small portion of employees are aware of.

4. Ensure Security of All Access Control Data

Other than the ones mentioned above, it is also a good practice to ensure the security of your access control system’s data. That’s why it’s a necessity to keep your stored biometric information, user data, usage logs, and PINs safe from lurking cybercriminals. And this is especially true because of the fact that hackers develop new ways to access and control your company’s physical devices every day in order to exploit data. By ensuring the safety of your data, you will be able to safeguard your business organization from security breaches that can cause the downfall of your company.

Without any doubt, these best practices enable business owners to make the most of the access control system they installed in their company. Hence, it’s vital to implement these practices as you enjoy the benefits that it brings to your business. These are only 4 practices, but they can get you a long way when done properly.

Now that you know about the different types of access control systems and the best practices you can apply as you utilize them, it’s time for you to learn about their importance. And as an added bonus, it is also explained below how these systems work.

Why is it Important for Business Organizations to Install This Security System?

While traditional locks can be picked easily, electronic access control offers business owners an extra layer of security for their companies. That said, access control systems give companies the ensured security that traditional locks can’t.

The prevalent lock-and-key systems available today make use of credentials like fingerprints, PIN numbers, RFID cards, and many more to enhance security. Although these systems are guaranteed to improve the security of any business premises, the biological control systems are the ones that are commonly recommended by experts—and this is because of the fact that it’s impossible to manipulate a biological control system.

How Does Access Control Systems in A Company Work?

The popular access control system companies make use of today is based on a credential system. With this technology, business owners are able to restrict and grant access to certain individuals by using credentials like a number code or a full-body scan. And through that, it raised the security level of a business organization on another level.

At present, electronic access control is considered one of the most secure ways to safeguard company assets and sensitive information. And all it requires to achieve this are the following: an individual’s credential, a credential list, a credential reader, and a processor for it to work. And this makes access control easier and simpler for business organizations.

Picking the Best Access Control System for Your Company

There are a lot of factors that you have to look into as you look for the right access control system for your company. That’s why it is necessary to know and understand the technology’s importance and the difference between each type of system available today. Alongside this knowledge, you’ll be able to create well-informed decisions as experts from managed IT service providers like House of I.T help you identify the system that’s suitable for your company. Apart from that, these professionals will also help you maintain these devices to ensure that you can maximize their capabilities for a long time.

Get the safety and security that you want for your company by installing access control systems in your company now.