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Can SEO Be Done On Facebook?

Can SEO Be Done On Facebook? The Answer Will Surprise You!



There are a lot of speculations and presumptions running around the social media marketing world about how to do search engine optimization (SEO) on Facebook. Some pros from professional IT services state that the use of keywords even in the file names of things you upload and how you link URLs in your posts have an impact on SEO. There’s quite a number of this hearsay going around, but how would you feel if you follow them and none of them works? This article will give you some easy-to-follow hacks on how you can maximize the use of keywords to improve your Facebook SEO. Below you will see some tried and tested strategies that IT services in the Philippines do to achieve the needed SEO results for social media.

Use the best name for your business

Although this is very easy and simple to do, it is still one of the most important steps in ensuring your brand’s Facebook page appears on search engines. Think of it as one of the simplest yet most relevant steps in Facebook marketing.

Also, remember to use names that are not too generic. Try being a bit more creative. Facebook’s purpose for the creation of fan pages is to make sure that they represent real businesses. If you are using a generic name, FB may flag you as a dummy or a troll.

Consider personalizing the URL of your business

Once your fan page gathers 25 Likes, Facebook allows you to create a personalized URL for your fan page. Because your URL bears a heavy impact to serve as leads for search engines, it is very important that your fan page URL clearly has your brand name in it.

Put keywords in strategic places such as the “About” page

Just like in any everyday website, the way you utilize keywords is significant in your SEO strategy. The best places where you can add those keywords include the “About” section, as well as in places where you put in your company description.

Maximize how you utilize the description of your fan page just like how you’d do it on your website.

Don’t forget to always include your contact details and address

A huge percentage of your click-throughs come from the visitor traffic to your website. Because of this, some people think that the physical address and contact details have no bearing on SEO. But always remember that Facebook keeps track of your physical location in case a client prospect performs a local search for merchants who can provide him with what he’s looking for.

Don’t forget to put the link to your social media pages on your website

The more social media and blog links that you incorporate on your website, the easier it will be for search engines to track your page and put it on the first page.