Be A Better IT Support Person By Breaking These Bad Habits

Be A Better IT Support Person By Breaking These Bad Habits



Unlike non-BPO jobs in the corporate world, IT support in the Philippines jobs are kind of easy to obtain. This is so even though salaries may not fall under the level of other CS positions and jobs are mostly entry-level. But remember, tech support is highly essential to the success of a business and requires staff who are knowledgeable, patient, and know how to solve problems.

But some common habits coming from those in the field could turn your jobs into something less productive and quite harder. Let’s look at some of the most common habits you need to change to be effective as an IT support person.

Stop Using Speech That’s Too Formal

As a helpdesk pro, you are required to be polite. However, extremely formal language may alienate the customers you are talking with. Conversing in a playful tone helps them relax and makes them feel that they have a genuine friend providing them with solutions.

Having Too Little Staff

It is very critical to have sufficient staff answering the helpdesk phone lines so that customers are not stranded in the queue waiting impatiently for a response. Situations like these are very infuriating, not to mention that most customers who call are most of the time upset.

Know How to Make Decisions

IT support professionals need to have the decision-making power so that clients won’t need to wait for a manager’s decision. The skill to solve issues on their own also helps in building your team’s confidence in themselves.

Stop Being Emotional on the Floor

Control your emotions, and always be cool and calm on the job. Being a member of tech support staff, you should have the skills to create positive impressions that drive loyalty for the services and products that the brand and their company represent. IT staff should be able to separate the business process from their personal issues. This is possible by letting skills, knowledge, and people skills show when handling clients.

Just Giving a Yes or No Answer

In order for you to be more effective in addressing concerns, always respond using full and complete answers to all the clients’ questions. Based on customer service studies, only about 11% of companies are capable of doing this. Therefore, there is still a huge opportunity to be filled in building superior customer experiences.

These days, customers expect only the best and are more in the know, which means IT pros like you are should be able to provide the solutions they need, as well as clear information. One habit every IT professional needs to leave in order to provide the best solutions to customer demands is being a mere “box of information.” Instead, IT pros should have the best knowledge, be passionate about their job and company, and be able to serve their customers with confidence.

An IT professional who has the resources to constantly and regularly check errors can always proactively alert and inform the customer about proposed or suggested changes, which the client always appreciates.